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Splinter is an co-operative automated moderating system that allows all registered users to participate in moderating comments posted to the site, as well as penalizing users who persistently misuse the comments area.

How does Splinter work?
To the left of each comment is a Shred dropdown including two options:

  • Shred Comment
    Shredding a comment is like casting a 'please remove this comment' vote. When a significant number of people shred a comment it will automatically be removed. The number of shreds required to remove a comment varies on the history of the poster.

  • Shred User
    Shredding a user is like casting a 'this person needs a time out' vote. When a significant number of people shred a user, Splinter automatically generates a time-out penalty (between 1-28 days) based on the history of the user. During the penalty period - served in The Shredder - the user can visit and use rFactorCentral as per normal but is not able to post comments.

Although shredding comments and users is an anonymous process, misuse of shredding is not recommended - Splinter sees all :)

My comment was removed, I've been shredded!
It's not the end of the world. Maybe take a look at how you post comments.


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