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Project D 2.31

By: TkD and AMAGI
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 07-Mar-12
Current release: 2.310, on 07-Mar-12

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Screenie by: haxoraxe
Screenie by: haxoraxe
Screenie by: haxoraxe
Screenie by: haxoraxe
Screenie by: haxoraxe
Screenie by: haxoraxe
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: haxoraxe
Screenie by: haxoraxe

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This is a mod which is based on nice drifting physics. In this mod we have 17 cars (more to come) which inculdes S14A, S13, 240SX and much more. Every car has more than 10 upgrades, including bodykits upgrades and skins. This mod was created by SmakzZ and Twisterbest (TkD) and upgraded by AMAGI, which has brought us this amazing mod which right now has over 30 people playing online everyday.

For more info and new updates like sound updates or skins, please visit or JDMFACTOR (search on facebook) group.

Gentlemen, Its a 3-part Download and so has to be "treated" as Such.

Here's how it's done

1. You first Download all 3 parts.
2. You ensure all 3 Downloaded Parts are in the same location (such as in your "My Documents" Folder).
3. You put your mouse cursor on Part 1 and RIGHT click with your Mouse.
4. You select "Extract Here"(from the choices/options in the list that pops up) or DOWNLOAD HJSPLIT AND SELECT THE 001 PART AND EXTRACT THEM
5. The Extraction will begin with Part 1 and will continue to Extract parts 2 and 3 to make one file/folder.
6. Once the Entire Extraction is Complete you then install the Completed Extraction.

Thanks to all who helped in this mod,

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Ver 2.31 is DOWN, I know i may be 8 years late but I only found this hidden gem a week ago and I was stunned by how good it is compared to games now-a-days. I've downloaded ver 2.3 but 1/2 the car models are broken and loads of issues. Hoping that 2.31 is a better more stable version.
warrriorniinja on May-10-2019
king001 on Apr-22-2019

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