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leoFFBeditor 1.00

By: OMega

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: omega_swift
Screenie by: omega_swift
Screenie by: omega_swift
Screenie by: omega_swift

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leoFFB.ini editor.
..make your own leoFFB database.
+ "Peak Slip Angles in degrees" from .tbc file. "Front wheel distance to centerline.." and "Front axle distance to body reference point.." from .pm file. explained in Tuto_Leo.pdf.(see Related Web Resources)

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MakaiLance on Apr-03-2019
Slobbeman on Aug-15-2013

thanks a lot !!!!
balbisan on Aug-13-2013

Hello, does anyone could send me the LeoFFB Editor?? No more download links .... thanks guys
balbisan on Aug-12-2013

Could anyone help me with this? I can't find any d/l link.
Caleb86 on May-19-2012

All DL links are dead.
donoelliott on Feb-07-2012

leo database is located in OM_dbL.mdb MS-access file. And, u dont have to exit rfactor to switch between ini files. Only u have to be in garage if u make any changes to the ini file, then go on track. u cant make realtime/on-track changes to ini files like in realfeel. Yes, alt-tab back into the game and drive new car. whatever your current leoffb.ini file contains will become your current leoffb settings.
omega_swift on Oct-12-2010

Do you have to exit rfactor all the way when switching between ini files or can you simply alt tab out of the game, load a new ini and alt tab back into the game and drive the new car?
nuggetz on Oct-07-2010

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