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Zeltweg 1964 GP 0.95

By: Rodrrico
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 05-Feb-10
Current release: 0.950, on 19-May-10

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Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer
Screenie by: [MAD]Hammer

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Zeltweg was known as the Österreichring however in 1964 the famous Austrian circuit was unavailable and the Austrian GP was held at a rather dull Airfield in Zeltweg. While this track may not be the most exciting of its time it is fast.

Release Notes:

0.7 - Initial Version. Track is simple yet accurate to length with a touch of individuality. I had little archive info to go off for this track which is why it may not appear accurate. AI waypoints need refining and the trackside advertisements are inaccurate.

0.95 - Current Version: Track with now 2x as wide on the main striaght.
Camera angles improved. AI fast line also improved.
Texture overhaul + More.

AI improvements
Background Image
Adboards from Austria.


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@Enderfailer This is my first upload that I did many years ago now. The track was pretty rubbish if I am honest. The bumps were 'race ending' to say the least. Someone else made a Zeltweg 1964 a few years back so I never bothered to finish this track. If you google Zeltweg 1964 rfactor download' you might find an old link around somewhere.
rodrrico on May-14-2014

Can It be that the link is broken? I clicked at the link and got a message that the conection broke while I loded. But this happend after 1 sec.! Please answer. Would be nice to drive this track...
Enderfailer on Feb-07-2014

nh racing on May-20-2010

looks fine
Lesterpicket on May-19-2010

Latest verison released!
rodrrico on May-19-2010

You tell me, Rodrrico. My mail is valenzuela.raul (at) Or if you wish, send me a PM with your mail and we're on. I could help you with those banners. Buzard, thanks a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it.
RaulV on Feb-07-2010

The GPL track is fantastic!

buzard on Feb-06-2010

I would really love to get that info from you RauIV as my version is based on a few photos. Mind you I am not great at building models for trackside objects.
rodrrico on Feb-06-2010

Rodrrico, I have lots of information about the track. I did the GPL version some years ago and I think I still have the info if you are interested. My GPL track featured some special banners that were displayed on each race. If you want info, I can help you. I haven't downloaded the track, but I will let you know my comments on it, and if you wish, contact me at valenzuela.raul (at) One thing is for sure, I know this track almost like the palm of my hand.
RaulV on Feb-06-2010

A very nice start. I love the camber changes in the track. Makes for some fun racing. I hope you keep at it with this track. Thank you for your efforts.
Bleddyn on Feb-05-2010

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