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Xtreme Rally Cars 0.64

By: josephcurwen and TotoLeDingue / XR / VH3D
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 25-Mar-10
Current release: 0.640, on 25-Mar-10

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Screenie by: josephcurwen
Screenie by: josephcurwen
Screenie by: josephcurwen
Screenie by: josephcurwen

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This mod is dedicated in memory of Frank#55, without his inspiration it would not have been possible to realize it. Thank you, Frank.

Warning: The use of this work is not authorized with pecuniary purposes in any way. Especially it is not allowed its use in previous payment leagues or competitions, or submitted to any type of economic condition.


Xtreme Rally Cars (XRC)

This is an evolution or upgrade of the Frank#55 HRC Mod.
First of all, we want to appreciate the attention and the permission of Frank.f55 to work on his Mod.

We used his Mod as starting point to modify physics, sounds, textures and adding new cars.

Our mod will be published in four big heads. The first head dedicated to the Group 1 and 2. The second head dedicated to the Group 4. The third head dedicated to the Category A. And the fourth head dedicated to the Category B and S. Also we will include the Category Coupe, which existed already in the Mod HRC.

The Categories A, B and S correspond to the historical Regulation FIA Sport Appendices J (the Category S only existed like proposal, although it did not go so far as to prosper).

Also we will publish some monographic of certain models or brands that we should consider to be interesting. Starting by Simca Rallye whose design is a work of TotoLeDingue.

Credits (alphabetic order).

Original Idea:


Organization and Communication:

Crobol (XtremeRacers moderator)
TotoLeDingue (VH3D administrateur)

Vehicle Modelling:

JosephCurwen (jr. modeller)
TotoLeDingue (sr. modeller / original author of the whole series Simca Rallye)
Sam Jigga (original author of the Dacia 1300)
Seta127 (original author of the whole models SEAT)
KplEli (double oval exhaust / racing steering wheel)

Graphic Design:

Hechizer0 (XRC icons, logos, screens)
JosephCurwen (XRC showroom, screens)

Skinning and Textures.

JosephCurwen except:

Ardve (Seat 124 D Especial FL-82 Cañellas nº18 MonteCarlo 77)
Freddy Hell (Simca Rallye 2 Fiorentino nº34 MonteCarlo 73)
Hechizer0 (Renault 12 Gordini gauges)
M0ntrey (Seat 124 D Especial FL-82 Cañellas nº18 MonteCarlo 77 / Seat 124 D Especial FL-82 Zanini nº12 MonteCarlo 77)
Rafa (skins collaborator)
TotoLeDingue (interior Simca Rallye textures / skins Simca Rallye collaborator)
GSMF Alien & 6e66o (cubemaps)


JosephCurwen except:

Alex150892 (physics collaborator)
BEDI (physics adviser)
Fortune (physics tires collaborator)
Guacho(physics adviser)
Nomedigano (physics adviser)











Virtual Pilots:


Beta Testing:


Thank to:

Original 3d designers, Badz, Christian S, Hrvoje M., Krystian O, Luminus, Seta127, Sin5k4, TotoLeDingue, Vanden_Plas, Xiorxorn, Yazu, between other great authors. SimRacing Community. Especially to HongKFui and to Guerra8888 for their amiability to settle doubts and to extend knowledge. XR Community. To Goiko. For his excellent articles about the series Seat 124/1430. To Thunder, for their interest to take part in XRC (we wait for you soon). And much especially to Frank#F55, without his previous work, the existance of this project would have been impossible.


Simca Racing Team v1.0

We present to you the first work of the project XRC. It is a monographic one on the Simca Rallye series.

For more information, please, refer to:


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thank you.
dvittael on Feb-22-2013

thank you very much.
dvittael on Feb-22-2013

Thanks for this news. It will be a praiseworthy gesture on the part of ISI.

josephcurwen on Oct-04-2011

In honour of Frank55 and to immortalise his presence & the exellent mods he created, ISI will be including Frank55 as an AI Driver in rFactor2.

SimWorld Australia
simworld on Sep-14-2011

its ok, wouldnt recommend.
neil37west on Mar-08-2011

Hi Colleges
I have tghe same problem als mclf1 with this mod. Take a long time to load a track, and afterward everything get very slow and part of the car start flashing. This only happen with this mod. Any idea what can be?
Thanks in advance.
bravo38 on Jun-09-2010

R.I.P., Frank "The Master" #55. Although you're not here with us, you will be remembered.
YashioFactory on Jun-02-2010

Sadly that statement was true since Frank#55 died on August 2009.
InsertDisk2 on May-02-2010

lol when you stop modding, you apparently do die! Alas Ive had to give it up due to family matters life pressures and the like. Good to see HRC mod has been updated, it really needed it. HRC got me into rf
dmz on Apr-08-2010

In memory of Frank 55? He died? Jesus I hope not.

Madcowie on Apr-01-2010

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