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Watkins Glen Seventy Years 0.90

By: Steve Life
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Oct-08
Current release: 0.900, on 03-Oct-08

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Screenie by: stevelife
Screenie by: stevelife

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Watkins Glen Seventy Years by Steve life, converted from Steve Life's GPL track with some update for rfactor.

Beta version 0.9, not all rFactor's features on.

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Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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This Is the GPL track converted...
Discgustig htat you claim it is scratch made..
zwiss on Apr-19-2016

Very nice! I love it!
The NAGT-Mod doesn't list this track!? Any idea why?
Else, it is fun to drive again on this track!
Fendar on Sep-09-2010

great track!

(in the loading screen there is a wrong layout)
mauro on May-31-2010

Nice and smooth driving here on a surprisingly good-looking track (for GPL standards), please keep on developing this, it is an awesome track already!
MahatmaGhandi on Apr-25-2010

I am a huge fan of GPL, and drive it often. I just downloaded this track a few minutes ago, put my F167 Classic on the track and drove a 1:06 on the second lap. I can't wait to get a proper setup and see what happens. < 1.0....... well maybe! What a great track. I look forward to the final version. Fantastic!! Two thumbs up!!!
rer8 on Feb-04-2010

Thanks for making this!!!!
CasparR on Oct-31-2009

Nice work--NOW-------------------

Can you start up Watkins Glen 1948?? Its the old track, ran out into the woods-it was done for GPL---It is a really neat rack layout, and with all the car mods out-I know several of them would be a blast on this version--I was hopeing it might have been part of this-but maybe when you get this finished-you will go for it.
Jegsman on Jan-22-2009

Hi, just tried (and loved) this track.
Apart from two things already mentioned (horizon too high and armco barriers too low ... unfortunately they don't compensate for each other ) I only found one other thing:
At some point there is a bunch of trucks standing next to the track. And these are european trucks and they are models from the 90ies, so they absolutely don't belong there!! I think you should definately remove or replace them.

A technical problem was that I got fined because of leaving the pits under red as soon as I moved. But I guess that falls under "not all rFactor's features on".

I am really looking forward to this track, and it already is great to drive! I love it way more then the modern version. Have you contacted the guys from CSGT? It will be the perfect track for the 1970 Sportscar mod! I just hope there are enough pit spots

Keep going, this will definately be one of my most driven tracks, as it was in GPL!
F_Slim on Nov-02-2008


I have the feeling that you describe
and i do not want to be misunderstood, the track is a wonderful work and I drive it ONLY the last days with all the cars I had in the garage, especially the atmosphere has been well implemented.

Danke + Mille Grazie

Ciao Gianni
StBellof on Oct-06-2008

rupert speed on Oct-06-2008

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