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WRC Subaru 1.10

By: The stigg
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 11-Apr-08
Current release: 1.100, on 31-Dec-08

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Screenie by: crazysabel
Screenie by: crazysabel
Screenie by: GONZTD
Screenie by: GONZTD
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Screenie by: halama123
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Screenie by: jakub1997
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Screenie by: ice_king

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WRC Subaru.
Got permishion from to zaomarano
to release,
WRC subaru for rFactor and GTR2.
got 3xdifferent R-Wings,also rims from merlin75(deep BBS)and OZ rims 5X differnt wheels,mudflaps,roofvent,wrc spotlights, and Extra 200bhp engine,669bhp ,589p/touque,skins from me The stigg.
templates also inclueded,

big thanx to Colin Mcrae R.I.P.for makeing me luv subaru's
Phyics from group-B RX-Mod by Madcowie = thanx
new Motec from RMI-Release Group and other little bits = thanx
deep BBS wheels from merlin75,plus help from MrYubby = thanx
spotlight beams from vorra44 thanx m8
and wildmanMG for your help
Also skins from Devilman3137(WRC SKIN),Thunder-Ice(KTM,FURYGAN skins)also thanx,
the biggest thanx to zaomarano for letting me do this

WRC Subaru 1.1by The stigg.aka'bly'
now all upgrade's in showroom work,you can also have spotlights on or off in upgrades,
there is new 06/07 spec_c Hawkeye subaru in 1.1,
with new engine with new power curve based on my m8's[jay] verson3 sti type RA Classic
Dyno/chart,running nismo 550 enjectors,VF-34 Turbo @ 1.5bar boost,
Hybrid FMIC,310pt@341bhp
[with +300bhp]for this mod.

you will find the hawkeye spec-c vf-34 turbo /based engine spools up quicker than blobeye witch i based more on td05 turbo witch has more peak power ,so hawkeye is quicker on tight tracks but loses out to blobeye on tracks with longer strait's.

new sounds by Fog>DMz = thanx
new tire upgrades,
new set done by limster = thanx
i have tweeked tires for this mod because of phyics are lot different than what limster's phyics he uses.

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Link for the original v1.1 that TheStigg made & that this page is intended for;

I personally much prefer this version to any of the later versions using TheStigg's work.
Still the quickest thing Ive ever driven over Mount Arrowsmith!
BLeeK on Jan-07-2014

What s the track of the penultimate picture?
xauty on Mar-18-2011

rFactor CTD at selecting the mod
Xtremnico on Mar-13-2011

phil671 on Feb-02-2011

Link for the last version not available
phil671 on Feb-02-2011

giobaka is there any 08 templates available, i would like to do some skinning if possible
w3l54666 on Jan-28-2011

Update mod 1.23. Visit:
Goibaka on Jan-22-2011

One problem, sound is ... "dirty".
ptrinchieri on Jan-09-2011

it wont work it dosent even come up on rfactor
mik0 hakinim on Dec-18-2010
feepit684 on Nov-28-2010

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