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WCORR Reloaded 2.5 Final 2.50

By: EaglemanGT and wildmanMG
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 02-Jun-10
Current release: 2.500, on 15-Mar-10

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Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: g-bor
Screenie by: g-bor
Screenie by: g-bor
Screenie by: g-bor
Screenie by: Eagleman
Screenie by: Eagleman

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so what did you do to get the auto shift to work correctly??
cool3865 on Dec-25-2013

What do I have to do to get auto shift to work properly?

Never mind I got it.
Machine1964 on Aug-25-2013

ok everybody, i have figured out a solution to the .man that everybody is getting. Internet Explorer does not like the .rar file and gives it to you as a .man instead.
Solution: download and install winrar from winrar[.]com Make sure you download the correct version for your system 32 or 64 bit.
Once that is done you can open the .man file and select open with option. Browse to your winrar exe and you will be able to extract the mod from the archive. Again I strongly advise to install WCORR Reloaded 2.5 to a NEW install of rFactor. Doesn't matter if you use the lite or the full dvd version. Also, if you are not using the paid version of rFactor I will not be able to support any issues you have. I have checked the link here on rFc and they all are in working order. I do not use mediafire, if you are downloading it from there, somebody else put that on mediafire.
Eagleman on May-26-2013

I would like to try you rmod but it says I have hit 3 downloads. Why do people use mediafire??? useless.

Are there any good download links on rfactorcentral?
lschafroth2 on Mar-09-2013

Yea Eagleman i got the .MAN file both times i downloaded it. i have no idea what that is about
TheHagg on Feb-25-2013

I have no idea what this .man file guys keep getting. Everytime i click the download link here I get the .rar it was packed in.
Eagleman on Feb-05-2013

When i downloaded this mod on my desktop it was a .man file.... What is a .man file im used to zip, rar and exe files. Please help me someone Thanx
Bobc1 on Oct-30-2012

Hey Shaker, thanks for the props, everybody involved in making this happen likes to see people enjoying it for what it is.
As far as a Championship Season, I did not work on getting the championship season, simply because the AI are retarded. Let me rephrase that, I am retarded and can not get the AI to perform like real off road racers. I can make them as talented as computer possible, but yet when it comes to a jump, they freak out when they are about to leave the "ground" When it come to slinging it sideways, look out because in rfactor, slideways is a no no and the AI hit the brakes. If you are behind an AI in these 2 scenarios, you would hate me more, then just leaving the AI out. As far as creating a Scene order, there are so many tracks out there available for the WCORR trucks, the list would constantly change due to newer and better tracks being created.
I hope this answers your question, and does not detour you from using the mod. I will be having an update real soon, if this is something that is feasible, i will add it, if there is a calling for it.
Eagleman on May-08-2012

Great mod! It's real fun driving those trucks around the dirt tracks. But is it corrent, that you cannot start the season, because there's no track list in it? Scene Order is empty.
Is anybody supposed to add their own track list? Or have I done something wrong during installation?

Season = WCORR Reloaded 2.5 Baja
FullSeasonName = WCORR Reloaded Racing
Vehicle Filter = OR: WR-P2 WR-P4 EWOR_OR vorra_all_HUMANS vorra_Class11_HUMANS vorra_baja_HUMANS vorra_buggy_HUMANS vorra_all_HUMANS_Muddy vorra_baja_HUMANS_Muddy vorra_buggy_HUMANS_Muddy
Min Championship Opponents = 3

Shaker1978 on Apr-18-2012

i dont have any problems with anything here.
Thanks Fresh
Eagleman on Mar-06-2012

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