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Vayline Motors Int. Raceway 1.20

By: zerez86
Origin: Composite | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Mar-09
Current release: 1.200, on 05-Apr-09

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Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez
Screenie by: zerez

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-------- news------------------------------------------------------------------

Vayline Motors Int. Raceway V1.2 (5th of April 2009):

- fixed bug causing ai crashes
- some graphical improvements (new backgrounds, new ads, ...)
- removed some dynamic shadows to improve the performance
- new loading screens, thumbnails
- files packed into .mas archives for faster loading
- Update 1.01 is included in 1.2

Update 1.01:

- fixed "hügel" bug causing online missmatches
- new menu thumbnail pictures
- correct track names in the menu

--------- about the track ----------------------------------------------------

It'a a fantasy club track located in Germany and it's about 3km long.
The name is a tribute to ISI's fantasy car manufacturer "Vayline Motor Company" (

The track is intended for touring cars like:

- ETCC 1.2
- Porsche Carrera Cup
- Lupo Cup
- WTCC 07/WTCC 87/Caterham

I get the most competitive ai with these mods.

---------- installation --------------------------------------------------------

Unpack the "Vayline" archive to your locations folder.

For best lightning results:


The track supports 20 cars (I will increase that later).

---------- credits --------------------------------------------------------------

Objects and textures are mostly taken from ISI tracks and updated by me. Track layout, surface and terrain were build with BTB

---------- copyright -----------------------------------------------------------

Any changes to the track are not allowed without my permission.
If you want to improve the track please contact me.

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