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VW Beetle Race 2.11

By: murapi & friends
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 14-Jul-06
Current release: 2.110, on 29-Jan-08

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Screenie by: Myrvold
Screenie by: Myrvold
Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: hkk_04
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: jillnoy

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

29-Jan-08:Rear wing setting range fixed(v2.11patch released).

Produced by murapi
Default setting designed by C3-R2 and Reco

1:Installation Beetle Race v2.0x.
2:Unpack and drop files your rFactor installation folder.

Fuel tank position moved
Default setting fixed
Engine power fixed
Engine sound fixed
Rear wing setting range fixed
(Rear wing detached = Setting number 3 on v2.0x)
Hand brake available
Driver change available
Onboard brake bias available

Add New Upgrade "Weight handicap" --
This upgrade is for too faster driver.

:Level 1 = Mass +100 and brake torque boosted(1sec down).
:Level 2 = Mass +200 and brake torque boosted(2sec down).
:Level 3 = Mass +300 and brake torque boosted(3sec down).
(Lap time testing in Toban Short Runoffs)

Have fun :)

v2.1 patch Released

Japanese multiplay digest movie vol2 uploaded

Japanese multiplay digest movie uploaded
(Full version and Youtube)


v2.02 Patch released
Visit to official site.


Add Download Link for v2.01
(Low Detail Vehicle Problem Fixed version)


Low Detail Vehicle Problem Fix Patch
If you select the vehicle detail to LOW,rFactor is down.I uploaded fixed file in official site( patch is fixed that problem.

Please overwrite Beetle2_model.mas.

Sorry guys.


New Physics
Texture Update
Head Physics Fixed
FPS Performance Fixed
New Sound
Damage Fixed
AI Physics Fixed

....and more


Beetle Race2 has Special Physics for AI.
The alert window is opened in first play.
Please check "Beetle2AI" when you select the race weekend.
Please check "Beetle2" when you select the multiplay(no AI).
Please check "Beetle2" and "Beetle2AI" when you select the multiplay(add AI).


Directer,Texture,Sounds,Physics and v1model fixed

Texture and Test play

v1model maker and Technical adviser

Special Thanks!!
Pete Walsh(rFC)
TechAde (ISI)
and MethylEthyl

Have fun!!

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Justin854 on Oct-16-2017

Hi guys, I try to do a skin but I used a .dds file, if you have a .psd template, I can thank you. If you have, please send to: . Congrats of your job!
franciscopezzin on Jun-29-2016

Hi, do you know where i can get Beetle Race Template? Im tryng to make a few skins based on real bugs from Argentina. Please if you have it, can you send it to my email? Templates link on rfactorcentral are down and cant find them in google. Many thanks,
sebawrz on Jun-26-2013

@ Modder of this fantastic MOD

Please can i became a permisssion do implate the Beetle in a Hillclimb Mod ???
I dont will change any of the car only implate in our Hillclimb Mod in one Raceclass !!!

THX for this GREAT CAR !!!

Nice greets from AUSTRIA :-)
scythe-racer on Jul-11-2011

great mod, the racing racing is really fun, its close racing !!!!!
steijnio on May-15-2011

Awesome mod! These are really a lot of fun, highly recommended.
Stroker63 on May-06-2011

Any word on the possible release? 4th gear mod is just no fun. Great mod though
broke88_djrfan on Jun-04-2010

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