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Trucks Series Racing 2.00

By: Frank55 and Wardog
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Touring
Initial release: 25-May-07
Current release: 2.000, on 21-Jun-07

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Screenie by: crom39
Screenie by: crom39
Screenie by: cockpit
Screenie by: cockpit
Screenie by: perromollao
Screenie by: perromollao
Screenie by: crom39
Screenie by: crom39
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Screenie by: Bada

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Description :
Truck series V2.0 is a complete version
_ 36 Trucks , 6 marques , Mercedes, Man, Renault, Iveco, Freightliner et Mack.

What change in V2.0


_ New engine , 1040cv et 4200 NM Torque, revLimit 3000Tr/mn , max power a 1700.

_ New Consumtion, 100L/100Kms

_ New Brake cooling.

_ New Collision, Just the height of the truck for race on all the tracks with low pits.

_ New SFX with Michael Saxinger sounds.

_ New tires

_ New suspensions , optimised for FFB Plugin

_ New hierarchie in the menu of choice of the vehicles, to be able to race offline and online with the limited AIW has 160 or not.

_ Fix steeringwheel in cockpit view and some graphics bugs.

Credits :


Int├ęgration, 3D : Frank55.

Textures et templates : Wardog.

Skin : Frank55.

Sounds : Michael Saxinger - Frank55.

Physics : Frank55 - Speed12 - AngeEve - DrGroove.

specials Thanks :


Synetic et THQ : For permission to use the 3D of the trucks.

Wardog : for many textures and all the trucks templates.

Speed12 : For 5 Tons physics to all the trucks

Michael Saxinger : for the sounds

AngeEve et DrGroove : for help on the physiques.

Fredzaza: for permission to use 3D and textures from the wheels.

All people help me to create this mod.

Installation :


If you have Truck series v1.1 on your HDD , please delete MBTR_Truck folder in .../rFactor/GameData/Vehicles , before install V2.0.




Thanks you for playing truck series V2.0



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Felixl on Mar-11-2019

These trucks have 1024 textures. Can someone make them 1920 (fullhd) ?
Rage9one on Jul-01-2013

very nice job man,very good
Roberth3 on Apr-17-2013

Does anyone have a working link for the templates? I am currently working at DAF trucks and I am looking into creating a template from one of the existing to make a new DAF template.

Edit: nevermind, I managed to find them through Wardogs page.
Bluewhite on Aug-15-2012

Wow, fantastic work Simworld, I'm glad he's being recognised and put into rFactor 2, Awesome, Awesome stuff... this is why I love the rFactor community!
Joshsux on May-29-2012

In honour of Frank55 and to immortalise his presence & the exellent mods he created, ISI will be including Frank55 as an AI Driver in rFactor2.

SimWorld Australia
simworld on Sep-14-2011

People! This mod is not being developed any further, the creator of this mod has passed away.

R.I.P Frank55
XDutchX on Jul-06-2011

Is this still being worked on i can put in a UI for this if you like and it will look better instead of this plain crap i think ill do it for my server.I just wanan make sure i have permission to do so.
KIDXRATED on Mar-31-2011

can you please make a 1280x1024 version?
Sasuke024 on Jan-25-2011

Here is Megaupload link
Lmp56 on Jul-08-2010

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Trucks Series Racing