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Tribute Mod to Paul Walker 0.60

By: Rastas Drifter
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 30-Mar-14
Current release: 0.600, on 30-Mar-14

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Screenie by: rastas
Screenie by: rastas
Screenie by: rastas
Screenie by: rastas
Screenie by: rastas
Screenie by: rastas
Screenie by: Rastas Drifter
Screenie by: Rastas Drifter

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

After the sad news about Paul Walker dead i decide to make a special mod to make a tribute to Paul Walker.
This go have all the cars driven by him in the 5 movies,all detailed and good physics and sounds!

This mod comes pre-installed.
I recomend to make a new instal of rFactor to this mod.

Dan Max
My family for the suport and my soon,Joao!I love you :)
Fast and the Furious movie crew
JDMfactor Group in FB


DRM Mod Team
F192 Mod Team

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