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Toyota celica Rally 92 1

By: ferlob
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 17-Jul-11
Current release: 1, on 17-Jul-11

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Screenie by: Ferlob
Screenie by: Ferlob

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Toyota Celica 4WD.
Rally 1992

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This mod is fantastic! It tought me how to drift in Rfactor but it can also drive like a dreamracecar too!
Enderfailer on May-01-2014

Very nice model. But, no sound of engine ! Only thre sound of the tires, and a small turbo. ????
alfredo on Aug-11-2011

Yes, you have permission to use my car in other mod and modify the tires. You can obtain the template here:
You have to rename the file as CELICA_FER.BMP

Ferlob. Spain.
Ferlob on Jul-19-2011


Please can we became a PERMISSION of this Car do use the Celica in a Hillclimb Challenge ? Only we would implate the Car in our Mod in a 4wd Class !
Maybe we would change the tires we only drive at TARMAC ;-)
Is the Template for the Car in the MOD include ?

Thx nice Greets from Austria
scythe-racer on Jul-19-2011

uojn on Jul-18-2011

INCOMPLETE. WIP at best. I hate to be so hard on it because it's more than I have ever produced for rF but come on. Finish and THEN release.
lawndartleo on Jul-17-2011

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