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Tony Rust Race Track 1

By: Cameron Wagner and Mark Stenger
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 18-Aug-13
Current release: 1, on 19-Aug-13

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Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner

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Tony Rust Race Track is a real natural terrain road course originally constructed in 1984 on the outskirts and hills of Windhoek, Namibia. Combining extreme elevation changes with long straightaways, Tony Rust is easily one of the fastest circuits in all of Africa.

It is also one of the few permanent facilities south of the equator and outside of South Africa. Recently the track has undergone several upgrades as it had been deteriorating for several years. Many volunteers keep this unique track going almost year-round, providing a friendly and fun atmosphere for some of the best racing and international events in Namibia.

Special thanks go to Mark Stenger, who provided dozens of photographs and driving tips to make this interpretation of the track feel more realistic. I would not have been able to finish the project without him.

More thanks go to Bob's Track Builder, and the many people who create Xpacks for free and put them on

Video Preview here:

Known issue #1:
I have included a second AIW file for rolling starts with the AI. Long story.
Known issue #2:
Night racing is terrible. Too many objects receive light, causing low FPS.

Track detail levels can be set to low or medium to remove almost all the trees and big objects to improve FPS. Contact if you have any suggestions for this track.

Please install this into your rFactor/GameData/Locations directory like any other track.

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Great job! Thank you!
neron2 on Aug-25-2013

Does anyone know why SmartScreen Filter says the .rar file is dangerous to DL?
spudweasel on Aug-24-2013

You know, every so often, someone releases a track here and with the community that really captures the essence of rFactor, This is one of them. The layout is deceptively simple, but the terrain, mapping and attention to details are outstanding. The last track I can compare this to is Longford. The drive is wicked, base AI is challenging. Driving races at 6:30pm, sun setting over the landscape, man, I don't mind finishing mid pack...

Well done...

Christopher Harvey
saultenian on Aug-22-2013

as I wrote I invited people that doesn't know RFE to read about it. Rain is only one of the features of the plugin. Much more interesting are how, now on, temperature and humidity and other coefficients are applied to have no one lap similar to the previous or the next one. This is the winning point of rFactor enhanced by RFE Plugin Series: all another world in the simulation. Every revolution deserves a little of attention, then anybody is free to join it or not.
Read at least here:
And how component work:
10 minutes to know, understand and judge it...
SlowMotion on Aug-20-2013

hey this is a track located in Namibia, they don't even know what rain is lol
stex1973 on Aug-20-2013

Hello! Are you aware of the RFE Plugin Series that enhances rFactor adding the variable weather conditions and much more? I'm pleased to invite you to read more about it, to update the track to be used also with the RFE plugin: I'd like to see all new tracks ready for rFactor RFE, so tens of thousands of persons that are already playing rFactor RFE, will enjoy them! Do not hesitate to contact me personally if you need some special info: Thank you!
SlowMotion on Aug-20-2013

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