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The Quarry 1.00

By: Smacker
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 15-Feb-09
Current release: 1.000, on 15-Feb-09

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Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker
Screenie by: Smacker

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This track The quarry is a remake of Chula Vista. It is my interpretation of the track built in 2007 about a mile south of the original.

This version is meant to be as close as possible to the real track as far as layout, jumps, lap times and length.

I can never get the AI to go as fast as I do in any of the tracks that I have made but then again I only use them for testing purposes.

**The track textures look amazing when race time is set to 4:30 pm**

Some more info about the track:
Length = 0.84 mile
Garage spots = 30
Pit stalls = 30
Grid spots = 30 "rows of five wide"
Lap times = 45.5s to 47s

Model information:
Points = 228,170
Faces = 86,637
Materials = 107

A big Thank you to:

EaglemanGT & CJ7 for giving me the input from there real life expierence with Chula Vista.

DDawg for the help with making a more realistic track surface and the help sorting out my AIW file.

My beta testers: Eder,BurntValve,Ace69,Robert,CJ7,EaglemanGT

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king001 on Apr-22-2019

king001 on Nov-18-2018

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Slobbeman on Sep-04-2012

The last post is about 3 years old, I hope I can get an answer. Is there a posibility for a download link? ThereĀ“s a server that races on this track but I dont have it so, it would be great to have it.

Thanks for your time.
maurodaniel on Sep-03-2012

this track is amazing. so realistic. ive been to every corr race in chula vista since the first track opened. you should do more real short coarse tracks! like the upcoming TORC race at texas motorspeedway and Perris Speedway! maybe even tackle some of the lucas oil off road racing series tracks! keep up the good work man!
forktom on Apr-09-2009

Originally posted by: L0B0

Well were do i start , the guy that made this track is crazy never can shut him up he asks opinion and then you give it and they get offended if you do not blow smoke up his butt (oo what a great track you the greatest ) .Now let me say this It is a fairly good track and i know there is a real one out there ,but so what only a handfull of guys know about it and less raced it real life so the point is try to make a track that people can have fun ,race hard ,as i see it the track fails on many notes

Hey Lobo, yes there is a real track that this was modeled after. It is 99% accurate. This track is raced on and owned by CORR, Championship Off Road Racing. They try to race the track twice a year, but finances juggle the start dates. I would imagine that very few in this off road community have raced this track in real life. So not sure what you are getting at with that statement.
However, your point is to make fantasy tracks that have unrealistic physics, unrealistic grip, unrealistic terrain, unrealistic textures, unrealistic jumps, bump, turns and dips, just so you can have fun? Try D-Force, or any of the DBR tracks they are what you are looking for. I myself like tracks that represent the real thing, just as the mod that they are designed for.
When you are ready to learn how to drive a represented track with a represented mod, come back to the servers and I will help ya out....
Eagleman on Feb-25-2009

You can start by telling me where it fails on many notes Lobos. I would be happy to make improvements where needed. From what I see is you can't drive and your skills is what needs the improvment. When you joined the AvA ventrilo You where rude and sounded drunk...I told you too leave your comments in the comments section here or on our website. I did not want to hear what you had to say because you weren't making any sense.

Have a nice day
Smacker on Feb-24-2009

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