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The Moors 1.25

By: crxdriver63
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Nov-14
Current release: 1.250, on 01-Aug-15

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Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63

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UPDATE 1.25: A little bit of everything changed. Textures updated. Really looking pretty good now. Give it a try. Updated video will be on youtube soon.

Plymouth, The moors.

Including 4 layouts:
The moors (cars use left lane both ways)
The moors snow (pretty crap AI as usual with snow, lol)
The moors inbound (cars use whole road)
The moors outbound (cars use whole road)

This is a recreation of a point to point real moorland road. It was made for driving really not racing. It feels almost like freeroam. Park in a car park and wait until a car you want to race comes by.

AI uses left lane as in real life (in England). They go all the way to the end and all the way back. So for a real like driving experience ctrl+T the race until you get traffic all over the road.

There are 3 jumps (bridges) as in real life and various corners, hairpins, medium corners, fast corners, narrow sections and straights.

Feel free to comment on what you guys think and anything that needs to be changed or fixed i will try and do asap.

UPDATE: Fixed the blue interior glitch and re-uploaded the file.

UPDATE 1.05: Timing now works for full track AI unchanged. Added 'Inbound' and 'Outbound' track selection also with working timing and AI take full use of the road rather than staying in their lane.

UPDATE 1.10: The Moors SNOW now added, see screenshot.

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Some cars contains aero updates and texture updates with SPRL Shaders.
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

This track is a very lovely airport race with mountain panorama on the semi-fictional track Kranebitten.
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

OK mate ill look into it. First thing to try i think is to download my own file to see if it got corrupted in the upload. That could be the most likely fault. I'll try and figure out the problem asap mate.

crxdriver63 on Nov-12-2014

I tried every possible setting, including different DirectX settings, but no luck. I don't know how to record in-game footage but it looks exactly like what's happening in your rear view mirror, i.e. the road turning transparent so you can see the background of the 3d environment (trees and sky and such), the difference being that it's present in the windscreen and side and rear windows as well in my case. The progress bar thing I mentioned was a glitch as well, it now shows the full course, so that wasn't relevant to this issue.
zerodownforce on Nov-12-2014

Hmm... As you can see from my video i do not have this problem. Is there any way you can upload a short video showing me exactly whats happening so i can work out how to fix this. It might be that its only glitching out on certain quality settings. I use:
Track Detail: High
Player Detail: Full
Opponent Detail: Full
Texture Detail: High
Texture filter: Triliner
Shadows: Medium
Shadow Blur: Off
crxdriver63 on Nov-11-2014

Same problem here, it's not just the rear view mirror. There is no road on the part of the track that is shown on the progress bar at the bottom of the screen, after that it's mostly fine. Strangely enough, the issue isn't present when using the behind the car camera. The bonnet camera also shows part of the interior, so maybe the cameras are where the problem is. Other than that, great track, lovely details and good fps for us ancient PC users.
zerodownforce on Nov-10-2014

SwaglordRacing I know about the road sometimes disappearing in the rear view mirror but no matter what i try it doesn't fix it. I take it that's what your on about?? Thanks.
crxdriver63 on Nov-05-2014

Hi, when i am driving the road goes away and turns into the trees in the back ground. But i like the layout
SwaglordRacing on Nov-05-2014

I am currently on V0.8 and its looking good. Expect the full release in 2weeks to a month.
crxdriver63 on Oct-01-2014

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