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Tandil 2

By: Sir Leo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 03-Apr-13
Current release: 2, on 03-Apr-13

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Screenie by: Sir Leo
Screenie by: Sir Leo
Screenie by: Sir Leo
Screenie by: Sir Leo

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Versión 2.0

Esp - Este es considerado uno de los circuito mas dificil de Argentina, debido a su extension (32 kms) y sus diferentes trayectos, ya que tiene subidas, bajas, curvas veloces y algunas lentas. A su vez tiene 7 chicanas, todas repartidas por su trazado veloz. El mismo esta compuesto por las Rutas 74, 30, y las avenidas Estrada, San Gabriel y Don Bosco.

Su historia comienza a inicios de los 70s haciendo el mismo sin chicanas, haciendo que sea un real desafio, ya que los vehiculos alcanzaban altas velocidades! con el correr del tiempo al mismo se le fueron agregando chicanas a fin de disminiur las altas velocidades. Su ultima competencia fue por 1992.

Este trabajo me llevo casi 2 meses de arduo trabajo, y espero que lo disfruten tanto como yo lo he hecho, poniendole toda la pasion!

Es un pequeño regalo de navidad de mi parte para todos! Disfrutenlo, es a mi entender uno de los 5 mejores trazados del mundo.

Eng - This is considered one of the most difficult circuit of Argentina, due to its extension (32 kms) and their different paths, as it has hills, low, fast and some slow corners. Turn has 7 Chicanes, all scattered throughout the track fast. The same is made by Routes 74, 30, and avenues Estrada, San Gabriel and Don Bosco.

The track's story begins in the early 70s doing the same without chicanes, making it a real challenge, as the car reached high speeds! Over the same time chicanes were added to diminish high speeds. His last competition was in 1992.

This work took me almost 2 months of hard work, and I hope you enjoy it as I have done, putting all the passion!

It is a small Christmas gift from me to everyone! Enjoy it, is in my opinion one of the top 5 tracks in the world.

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I am going to guess something is wrong with what I have downloaded as the track looks like something of Mario kart with a brown road and bright colour grass and so on.
newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

I found the cause why the track did not load: is not in powers of 2: 768x512. I made it 512x512 and the track loads.

The track is very good. Fast and narrow. Just like my TT Assen 1953 and the Hondsrugring. A small note: Sometimes the track disappears in the mirror. This can be solved by cutting the track in pieces with cross-sections. The materials used now need a too much time to load.
erwin greven on Jun-20-2014

I think i will build the track myself. Cant get this version working.
erwin greven on Oct-22-2013

I hope there will be an update of this track. The track provided does not work for me.
erwin greven on Aug-18-2013

Tried a new install of this track after a fresh rFactor 1 installation. Still the same problem:
erwin greven on Jul-07-2013

What are the properties on which the track will open correctly? I still haven't managed to open this track. It stops loading at 60-70% and then rfactor ctd's
erwin greven on Apr-23-2013

Pity, i did not succeed in opening the track. New downloads, Scn changes. no avail.
erwin greven on Apr-08-2013

Originally posted by: erwin greven

@BLeek; my game crashes too. Do you use "0" or "1" in "Always Rebuild HAT="1" // Build HAT database everytime tracks are loaded (for development purposes)"? Found in your PLR file.

Gday Erwin, I found my plr file set to "0", I re-set it to "1" & still I get a failure to load...
Im thinking it's something to do with my rF install with these long-tracks now & need to do a fresh install of both rF & my O/S as a fresh rF install still failed
Thanks for the tip though mate! ;-)
BLeeK on Apr-06-2013

If these are photo's taken from the real Tandil, I think the track made by SirLeo is OK but not finished by far; the graphic appearance of the landscape is not interesting/inviting enough. To drive this track once is allright but gets boring by a second go.

When I look at the track Longford 1967 1.000 made by woochoo, I see a well balanced track with a great graphic looking landscape and therefore much more realistic and a joy to drive time after time.

SirLeo, you did a great job by designing the Tandil track but it deserves a better and interesting looking landscape!
stone3d on Apr-05-2013

@BLeek; my game crashes too. Do you use "0" or "1" in "Always Rebuild HAT="1" // Build HAT database everytime tracks are loaded (for development purposes)"? Found in your PLR file.
erwin greven on Apr-05-2013

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