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Szocske 1

By: László Szabó and László Fényi
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 15-May-10
Current release: 1, on 15-May-10

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Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: Target78
Screenie by: Target78

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Autocross buggy.

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Interesting problem ,but this "bug" is not reported from others.
This mod is very small and all files is custom (not need to overwrite any standard rfactor files) ,and if you remove szocske specific files (ex.: szocske.rfm in rfm folder) ,then you have "clean" state of your rfactor.
Target78 on May-10-2011

this mod slowed down my entire rfactor game. even after i removed it. my rfactor is so choppy it is now unplayable for some reason when i installed this scozske mod. and now i have removed all files that were in the and still the game plays too slow and choppy now.
rocknrollfrenchfries on May-03-2011

nice mod but i think littel more power on the engines but 5star in portugal this is call divisao 2
andrepower on Aug-18-2010

matti1993it: Sorry i only now see this forum :S
I upload this mod to another site now!

CidJcCZE: You reworked good the buggy! Nice! congrat!

The first picture(in rfc) for this mod is not my work (simcompany liga mod)
Target78 on Jun-25-2010

very good work! Routes to, please help with our buggy.
CidJcCZE on May-22-2010

Wow how the hell did I miss the release of this baby! I saw these on you tube about a year ago and was thinking they would be great in Rfactor at the time. Has to be said doesn't look too great on the only picture you have posted and does look alot better ingame. But on top of that it has great physics!!
Madcowie on May-20-2010

matti1993it on May-20-2010

i want this mod
download does not work
you can put another link? thanks w the autocross !!!!!!!!!
matti1993it on May-20-2010

Super Super Iwant so long a Autocross Buggy Thanks :-)
stoni1992 on May-18-2010

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