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Simracers F1 1975 LE 1

By: ChiefWiggum and Dave Purdy
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 26-Mar-16
Current release: 1, on 26-Mar-16

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Screenie by: ChiefWiggum
Screenie by: ChiefWiggum
Screenie by: ChiefWiggum
Screenie by: ChiefWiggum
Screenie by: ChiefWiggum
Screenie by: ChiefWiggum
Screenie by: ChiefWiggum
Screenie by: ChiefWiggum

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Simracers revival presents a brand new League Edition of the great F1 1975 Mod originally done by CREW. Thank you guys for the permission!

If you are interested to drive these cars in a season of ten races in a friendly environment, check out our website. There is also an English section:
Don’t be shy, new drivers are always welcome.

What’s new? A lot!
- The new physics were done by Dave Purdy
- Tires, helmets, cockpits, skins, pitcrews, shaders are all made by ChiefWiggum.
Special thanks to Reutemann for the fabulous cockpit parts. The sound comes from wolferl.
Overall, you can see it almost as a new mod.
All cars have rain tires because the tracks, coming with the mod, are prepared for the rfe rain plugin. Make sure to install the mod including the trackpack and separately the rfe rain plugin. You will see spray behind the cars, you will drift around corners and when it stops raining the track dries up and there a small dry line is visible. You have to decide what tires do the car needs.
Keep always an eye on your engine health and chance gears before you hit to high rev numbers. Never underestimate the power of these cars. Sometime you will still have wheel spin on a dry track in third gear. The car is a beast and wants to be driven.
Mod and tracks:
Rfe Plugin:


The original F1 1975 Mod by CREW

Converted/textures/3d work by ChiefWiggum
Physics by Dave Purdy

Special thanks to my friend Reutemann for the fabulous
cockpit parts

Sound by wolferl

Testdriver: Matthias Bögel, Thomas Rösser, Ronny Rüger, Dave Purdy, Michael Schremser, Michy Hauschildt, Andi Schremser

Trackpack by motorfx/Grand Prix Classics

MONTJUICH PARK TEAM MEMBERS (in no particular order)

Paul Jackson (Paul Jackson) - coordinator
Dave Sabre (ST) - Track Layout, GTK, 3do Modelling
Rob Hunter (Border Reiver) - 3do Modelling
Andre Streu (Andre F1-Edition) - 3do Modelling, Texturing
Paul Skingley (Paul Skingley) - Graphics, 3do Modelling
Remy Roesz (Remy67) - Texturing
Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) - Track Guide, Setups, Replays
Martin Huiskes (Mech) - Artificial Intelligence
Daniel Biosca (CheeseHead) - Local Consultant, Testing
Gustau (GustauA) - Video, Photo, Local Consultant, Testing
Toni Aguilar (Faston) - Local Consultant, Testing
Jaume Suñol (Heyjoe67) - Local Consultant, Website
Phil Flack ( Guru ) GPL guru

People who collaborated in the past:
John Basara, Jussi Kaskia, Eric Bourgouin, Luc Van Gossum, Nenne, Gregger Huttu,
Rick Osborne, David Tarin, Toni Rogel, Berca, OPA, Moshe Pinchevsky, Mike Bennett,
Dave Churchill, CorkScorpion

Special thanks:
ISI, Sierra, Papyrus, GPLEA, VROC, RaceSimCentral, Speedgeezers, Javier del Arco

maybe you will give few Bucks ;-)

have fun Guys!

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Montecarlo is unfortunate that the layout of 1979, instead of that of 1972-1975
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duniamesin on Dec-11-2018

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RichardBerghof on Sep-28-2018

Great mod. Cool cars. I was drive along the road with pleasure 192.168.l.l
ThomasTailer on Sep-03-2018

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