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Silvia S14 Kouki 1

By: PhantomZero
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 23-Feb-14
Current release: 1, on 28-Mar-14

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Screenie by: PhantomZero
Screenie by: PhantomZero

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Hey Everyone,

This is my first Submission on RFC, so i hope you will like and enjoy it.

The Mod Includes a Nissan Silvia S14 with a LOT of Upgrades, as realistic Physics as it was possible to me, it has its own Sounds and much much more.

The Base of the Car is from Juiced2, but there is not much left of it as i re-made the base and Modeled all the Bodykits and other Bodyparts Myself.
Not really anything else i could Say about it. Enjoy it. :)

Special Thanks :
Keisuke for the Rims.
Baljit for helping me with 3dsmax.
My Friends over at JDMFactor and 3DModeling groups.
Juiced Games for their Awesome Cars.

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Thats a rally track who i was building from a long time ago. Its a fictional course. Lke in my first track (ROUTE 21) i made the track like a close track, but in rally format.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

OMFG... you like ruined my rfactor.. i have atleast 20 mods that ive been downloading for the past 4 months... almost 48 in time total of downloading mods and i download this shit and get a coreshaders.mas.. thanks a lot
dominator12613 on May-29-2016

whats up with the sound when i hit redline the sound just cuts out there is no rev limiter or nothing
LegalDrifter on Apr-29-2016

Snoow on Jan-05-2016

how do i get this to work it keeps crashing my game
MagpiesNZL on Mar-24-2015

Is there a plan to fix coreshaders.mas error ? I was able to try this beautyful work once, after that i get coreshaders.mas error when launching game and cant find any solution for this.

MARX111 on Jan-01-2015

After a quick try, I would give this mod a score as follow:

-Graphical Immersion: 47%, perfect for showing off your riced-up machine. Even if it takes forever to load the car, and material settings for body panels are really bad.
-Physical Immersion: 0%!! Absolutely undrivable, I can drift with Project D for hours, hug that corner like a batmobile with a 37GP antique, or do powerslides with Siim Annuk's ZR-1 like a boss... but this? No, thanks!
YashioFactory on Apr-24-2014




These two folders never exist... especially the ShadersDir...

So, you did fix the directory problem but you forgot to rewrite your RFM? That's just great, amigo...
YashioFactory on Apr-24-2014

Mod still crash rfactor any idea how to fix that ?;O
Boomel on Apr-22-2014

Thanks for your hard work. Will try it asap !
DimiD on Apr-14-2014

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