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SGT 0.00

By: ORS Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Este mod se basa en coches de calle potentes que compiten entre ellos como el 350Z el Mercedes SLK el BMW 645ci y el Toyota Celica, el mod tiene unos graficos espectaculares y unas fisicas totalmente buenas en estos momentos solo hay 100% acabados dos coches el SLK y el 350Z pero los otros dos ya estan modelados y siendo introducidos en el juego asi que no dentro de mucho abra una beta :)


This mod is based on stock car with a sport engine and nice body. At this moment we have 4 cars in development, two of them at 95%, and one at 50%. The cars that will be available are: Nissan 350z, Mercedes SLK, BMW 645ci and Toyota Celica. The graphics are awesome and physics are also great. Beta versioon will be availabe in soon time :D

Espero que os guste :)

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king001 on Apr-22-2019

I never heard about SGT but after reading this blog i am interested in it. I think it is interested as like snapseed for pc snapseed for pc. I love to join this community.
karela98mella on Jan-15-2019

SGT is an established family company that has been caring for its Do My Assignment clients' motoring needs in the Thames Valley for over 45 years and we cherish what we do.
casperbonner on Sep-04-2018

Is this project still in progress? I need the Mercedes SLK for a research project at my university
feeltb on May-16-2011

pls give me the downloadlink an wie i setup this mod
seko52 on May-02-2010

Where can we download this mod? Id really like to drive my celica on a track
Hyperion_Z on Jan-27-2009

¿Para cuando podremos descargar este mod compadre?... saludos, se ve genial.
Alejosz on Oct-03-2008

So Nice Man ...
Great Job ...
RDS on Sep-16-2008

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