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São Bento do Sul 1

By: Valmir Pilz and São Bento velocidade na terra
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 24-Dec-14
Current release: 1, on 02-Feb-15

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Valmir Pilz
Screenie by: Valmir Pilz

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Mais um autódromo do Campeonato Catarinense de velocidade na terra, São Bento do Sul, fundada em 1983 a pista teve poucas alterações até chegar ao traçado de hoje, o circuito leva o nome do ex-prefeito Lourenço Schreiner. Espero que divirtam-se nessa poeira.

Google English Translation:
Another Race Track Speed ??Championship in the land of Santa Catarina , São Bento do Sul, founded in 1983. The track had few changes until the track today , the circuit named after the former mayor Lawrence Schreiner . I hope you enjoy yourselves in this dust.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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valew fera
Stewe000 on May-08-2018

It was a very good post indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my lunch time. Will surely come and visit this blog more often. Thanks for sharing prayer times
Lily652 on Nov-12-2016

Thanks to ISI for Skip Barber Formula 2000 (rFactor 2)!
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

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lxkvzd12 on Nov-08-2015

Love it, though I WILL explain my ratings~
Sense of Immersion 5 - Looks good from in car, I dunno if its my driving but the amount the car jolts around with the camera, yes
Texture Quality 4 - I HAVE seen better, but this is a good for me, looks nice from in car.
Track Layout 5 - Not the most challenging, but I love it for the fact its good to get people for the dirttype tracks
Racing Line 5 - I tested a few lines, ALL of which were quicker in places, some slower in places though it didn't matter for me, there were like .2 in it
AI Behaviour 4 - The A.I was super aggressive, I had no breathing room (Like it cause I raced f2 stocks) But they'd ram me off the track
Atmosphere 5 - Beautiful
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc) 5 - I liked it, all I needed was there.
Cameras 4 - Barely used them, though 4 is bog standard for me
OK Track Naming 5 - Ya
Addictive-ness 5 - I've raced 20 times on it already!
FPS Performance 3 - Did tank for me on a big crash
Realistic Track Surface 4 - Good
rossi2123 on Jun-23-2015

Congratulations! i will test it!
Adriano Augusto on Feb-09-2015

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