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Renault Maxi 5 Turbo 1.30

By: DrGroove/Frank.f55
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 07-Mar-09
Current release: 1.300, on 28-Dec-10

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Screenie by: drgroove
Screenie by: drgroove
Screenie by: christouuuf
Screenie by: christouuuf
Screenie by: drgroove
Screenie by: drgroove
Screenie by: drgroove
Screenie by: drgroove
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Screenie by: molosso

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Renault Maxi 5 turbo Standalone

Credits :
Integration, 3D and tracks : Frank#55 - Vassalfada
Skin and Template : Frank#55 - Melo - Vassalfada- Grietick - RFR Gms
Sounds : Vassalfada
Physics : DrGroove - Yoss
Standalone creation: Yoss
gear Box : AngeEve
Tests : RFRO

the car of this Mod is conversion, with graphical update, independant physical handling and sounds.

With Frank#55 agreement, I have redone the Maxi 5 Turbo HRC in my way.
Rolling trains and physics have been revised.
I set the power of the car like the original, meaning about 350 hp, as well as lowen rpm, set to 6750.
I therefore had to change engine sounds, as rpm didn't match (I finally took the 12 Gord sounds' from the HRC mod and Turbo 5 sounds of Vassalfada. Others sounds are made by ISI).
Only a few torque in low revs because of 1.5L, you have to wait for the turbo.
I wanted it more "rallystic" in the driving.
Road tires have low grip, as I suppose they should be.
There are upgrades with 2 engines, rallycross engine have ~480hp, only for fun


Patch 1.1:
New HDV and revised external sound gear.

Patch 1.2
Sorry, I made big mistake with folders since V1.0.
Please erase MaxiR5 Turbo folder in folder's vehicle before installe

Patch 1.3

v 1.3
Révision des fichier HDV, pm, sfx, engine, ratio.

Merci a Yoss pour son aide
Maxxous et goozi pour les tests

Et surtout un grand merci a Taz le deglingo et Tom528 pour les roulages endiablés sur Machwerk, piste qui m'a servi principalement pour la mise au point des physics.

Et bien sur je n'oublie pas frank#55, qui j'espere, approuve cette version de la ou il est.


Renault Maxi 5 turbo v 1.3
Revision of HDV file, pm, sfx, engine, ratio.

Thank you to Yoss for his help
Maxxous and Goozy for testing

And especially a big thank you to Taz le deglingo and Tom528 for taxiing on Machwerk frenzied, track which I used mainly for the development of physics.

And of course I do not forget Frank # 55, I hope, approve of this version where he is.

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Merci a toi et à ton équipe pour ce chef d'œuvre,
J'ai fais la préparation et j'ai conduis une Cévennes de 240Cv et une tour de corse 280 Cv
Amicalement et bravo.
Michel67 on Nov-30-2016

Where can I find new skins ?
sinarca on Feb-22-2015

merci beucoup,thank you very much for this mod,and about link,it work for me,i have use full mod download,try again to download,people who have problem with link,or contact the author of this mod,maybe he have put it in other link.
dvittael on Feb-25-2013

In honour of Frank55 and to immortalise his presence & the exellent mods he created, ISI will be including Frank55 as an AI Driver in rFactor2.

SimWorld Australia
simworld on Sep-14-2011

So it's the 29.99mb one.

Stan on Dec-30-2010

Take the link of DrGroove
Renault Maxi 5 Turbo 1.3 Full

Sorry for the confusion
drgroove on Dec-30-2010

Hi drgroove and thanks for your work,
But which version is the good v1.3, the two from megaupload don't have the same size (29.8mb and 29.99mb)?
Thanks in advance. A thought for Franck.

Stan on Dec-30-2010


There was an error in the first proposed version 1.3.

Otherwise the full version currently proposed is ok

delete old files before new installation (especially rfm and MaxiR5Turbo folder)

I hope that's it....
drgroove on Dec-30-2010

Excellent little mod.

Got a little problem, I've started adding cars using the skin pack but when I set up a race using the Rallycross engine all the other cars are just the Rally version even if I select RallyCross in the setup options for the race.

Am i doing something wrong ?
ooJXoo on Dec-30-2010

there is an error in the full version 1.3 proposed
I uploaded a complete version 1.3
drgroove on Dec-29-2010

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