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RealFeelEditor 1.10

By: OMega

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: omega_swift
Screenie by: omega_swift
Screenie by: omega_swift
Screenie by: omega_swift

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RealFeelPlugin.ini Editor.

SmoothingLevel 0 to 9.

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Terrific post, I've bookmarked this site so hopefully I will discover much more on this topic in the foreseeable future! epic battle simulator download
patsm00re18 on Apr-03-2019

Any alternative links? I'm quite tired of reporting these megaupload ones...
luizsilveira on Mar-24-2012

Gucio, send me your RealFeelPlugin.ini at, i'll check...
omega_swift on Apr-04-2010

i've got something like this

with or without the access runtime installed, tried on different rF installs, same error
what could it be?

ok, the = is the wrong thing, don't know whitch mod is doing this :/
Gucio on Apr-03-2010

This is great, Thanks!
Caltranz on Mar-29-2010

pedro, you should read Real Feel FFB Plugin threads...
omega_swift on Mar-19-2010

Might someone tell me how can I do this, I mean, What would I change about values and so far.
pedro2020 on Mar-15-2010

arre lappan....great work bhai...
guys this is an awesome game utility..
monkey1234 on Mar-15-2010

Regarding HistorX RealFeelPlugin.ini... Copy first 11 lines under [General] from a new RealFeelPlugin.ini and overwrite first 12 lines of HistorX's RealFeelPlugin.ini under [General]...
AND it contains duplicate entries for [LM-72 DAYTONA], delete one...
omega_swift on Mar-12-2010

friends... if your RealFeelPlugin.ini file is wrongly edited... RealFeelEditor will give errors...
omega_swift on Mar-12-2010

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