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Rallycross Group B 1

By: Madcowie and Hooty, Mack Mechanic, Sam84, Rich Ward, Ivos Sadistiko, Chris Davies
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 14-Dec-07
Current release: 1, on 14-Dec-07

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Screenie by: josemiguelcunha
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Screenie by: halama123
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Rallycross Group B 1.0 will include:-

5 Group B Rallycross Cars with a total of 38 painted cars. These skins are mainly real skins with a few fantasy skins made up by painters. We basically gave each mod member a car of there choice.

All cars share the same physics (800+ BHP, 4wd). The aerodynamic options on the S4, T16 and RS200 are purely for looks. Default setup isnt the greatest. If you catch me online I will be more than happy to give it out. I pretty much use the same setup for all tracks.

The track pack includes Blyton, Blyton MCR (Fantasy version of Blyton), Brands Hatch Rallycross 90s layout, LFSRX (new version) and Croft Rallycross (Home of the superprix each November)

RFC World Rallycross Championship will use these 5 tracks.

Brands Hatch Rallycross
Croft Rallycross
Lyngas RX
Mid Ohio RX (fantasy track with special thanks to James Burroughs for letting me modify his track)


Rallycross Group B will be made up with the monsters from the 90s including RS200, T16, 6R4, S4 and Audi. RS200 and Peugeot T16 are made from scratch and with special thanks to Frank55 we have his permission to put in his HRC group Bs with our own physics and tweaks. Some of the cars will show of Aerodynamic tweaks which have been used in rallycross in this era.

Rallycross Group B Mod will be bought to you by:-

Madcowie - T16, physics, aerodynamic changes and various other bits

Hooty256 - RS200, physics and various input

Sadistiko - Thanks to RFC we found a great man for the job of painting.

Rich Ward - Thank you to Rich for all his help in alot of areas. The man knows his stuff and he can also paint. Painted many of the 6r4s and a few others.

Chris Davies - King of videos!! (intro video)

Sam 84 - Painter, beta tester, help in various parts early on.

Grasser - Various help and beta testing.

Trotter - Tribute skin for Colin McRae

Freew and SOM for many hours of beta testing. (seems a bloody long time ago)

Pete (King of RFC) for all his support and fantastic World Championship competitions.

This mod is a stand alone mod and hopefully doesnt require any other mod to run properly.


/////////////////////TRACK PACK///////////////////////

Track pack download which includes Brands Hatch Rallycross, Blyton, Blyton MCR, LFSRX new version and Croft Rallycross. Croft Rallycross and Brands Hatch Rallycross are part of the RFC Championship

MOD should be extracted into program files director if your rfactor is here:-
C:\Program Files\rFactor

NOTE: Rallycross Group B is part of the Series.

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Anyone know what happened to madcowie? His site doesn't exist anymore.
F10vv3R on Feb-03-2012

Yes, the Rally version of these cars had 400-500bhp, You are right. But these cars are rallycross cars, and the rallycross cars are always more powerful.
Coffos on Oct-05-2011

I noticed a Kadett in the pictures: how can I get it?
oclynx on May-06-2010

I think if your car is damaged it might easily overheat. I have completed race with no overheating. And maybe keep the revs not too high.
sjiskebab on Jul-14-2009

i love this mod, but when i drive in race the cars burn up, not in "warm up" just in race? whats the problem?
Rutker on Jul-12-2009

this mod is top notch. each of these cars drifts on pavement quite nicely. the dirt in rfactor is still way too slick. not the modders fault. if you want cars that grip the dirt better get the hrc mod with pikes peak package. but this group b pack is where it's at for "tarmac" rally action. beautiful all wheel monster drifting action. the audi looks just like youtube rally footage sliding around... recommended tracks: race of champions '05, pittsburgh kart course. race of champions is sick in these cars. good practice for handbrake and clutch
rocknrollfrenchfries on Jun-21-2009

hanx alot for making this. Gotta love the Audi
I got an Audi s2 in real life, would love to make a s2 in the game with the S1 physics,
can anybody help me do this or at least tell me what do do?
frojam on Mar-26-2009

Thanx alot for making this. Gotta love the Audi
I got an Audi s2 in real life, would love to make ne in the game with the S1 physics,
can anybody help me do this or at least tell me what do do?
frojam on Mar-26-2009

Is it just me, or is there no audio for the exterior views of the S4 in the replay?

Also, the S1 sounds perfect, as close as it gets in this game, but the S4 sounds like a V8.
ploatman on Mar-25-2009

The cars are too powerful, the cars in real life only had around 400bhp, the Audi had 500bhp and was the most powerful.
ploatman on Mar-22-2009

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Rallycross Group B