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Rallycross 2.11

By: Neil Bainbridge
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 09-Mar-08
Current release: 2.110, on 08-May-08

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==================RALLYCROSS V2.1 ==============

welcome to Rallycross V2.0 (European Rallycross Championship 1987-1991)

in this Mod you will find over 100 cars that competed in the ERC between 1987 and 1991

=========the mod includes the following 3d meshes=========

205T16: from the HRC mod by Frank.F55 with new rearspoiler,head and tail lamp cover, front winglets and rear window

Lancia Delta S4: from the HRC mod by Frank.F55 with new headlamp covers, blanked out rear 1/4 windows and new wheels

Renault 5 maxi turbo 4x4: from the HRC mod by Frank.f55 with single front seat, blank lights and new wheels

Porsche 911 turbo 4x4: base mesh by Jhonnyspeed for NFS5, re-mapped with new interior, wings, wheels etc

Vauxhall Astra xtrac: base mesh by J hoormann and S bachmann for NFS3, re-mapped with new intertior, wings wheels etc etc

MG Metro 6R4: from the HRC mod by Frank.f55 with changed front spoiler, new side pods, window decals and suspension uprights and wishbones

Audi Quattro S1: from the HRC mod by Frank.f55 with new front wing fences

Audi Quattro A2: Base mesh by Sin5k4 for GTA3 re-Mapped with lots of new bits etc etc

Audi Quattro SWB sport: based on Sin5k4's LWB mesh with a lot of reworking including 3 styles of rear spoiler

Ford RS200: from the HRC mod by Frank.f55 with lots and lots of changes, 3 styles of front bumper, 4 styles of rear bumper
with and without roof side intakes and a few styles of rear spoiler + the pikes peak bodied cars
also added Rallycross group B engine and suspension models from Rallycross Group B mod.

all from the HRC mod by frank.f55

=============== over 100 skin from 1987-1991============

most skins by myself a few based on skins from Madcowies Group B rallycross Mod


most sounds from the HRC mod by Frank.f55 with some new backfire/waste gate noises,
also got ride of the tyre squeal noise. Porsche noises from the RSDG scc mod.

======================= Physics ===================

all Physics from Madcowies Rallycross Group B mod, fixed the Auto-gear box problem. and played with visable ride heights
on some models. some of the engine power figures are wrong but i would rather have a mod that is fun to drive than one that
accurate in all aspects.

========================Misc ====================

new backfire effects for all models (big boost makes big flames)

new wheel graphics for all models (every one seemed to use revolution rfx wheels)

limited LODs but framerate should not be a problem as this is rallycross and the maxium number on a grid at a time is only 8cars
this is set in the RFM file.

i have not included any template as there is sod all left to paint!

This mod is best driven on the Rallycross tracks from the Rallycross Group B mod by Madcowie

Escort Xtracs
new realistic Physics
S4 cockpit view fixed
Tommy Rustad 1991 RS200 EVO2

V2.11 Rustad FIX

sorry i forgot the Gen Files to get the Tommy Rustad RS200 working
just unzip into your main rfactor directory

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henry01 on Jul-25-2018

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susibeo33 on May-22-2018

Please fix the link because doesn't work!!!!
Pablitoracing on Aug-02-2016

Thank you very much!
JaanusHss on Dec-02-2015

erhard on Nov-30-2015

i wanted try it but i cannot download, both are offlines.
Any downlaod link please?
JaanusHss on Nov-29-2015

Rallycross 2.11 http://trippteamdownload.serve...ycross_2.11.rar

or Rallycross_Norden_2011.exe based/same as Rallycross 2.11 but with a working porsche that was a problem in the Rallycross 2.11 version


RallyCrossTrackPack http://trippteamdownload.serve...ssTrackPack.rar

RallyCrossTrackPack picture http://trippteamdownload.serve...allyCrossTrackPack.jpg
Slobbeman on Jan-11-2015

Hello i really like to try the Mod but its offline
can anyone upload it for me please if its possible

stophel92 on Jan-11-2015

Thanks a lot for this awesome mod, will you be doing more cars and years? Like the 1987 BMW?
phillipkruger on Nov-14-2014

The perpetual tire screeching noise is caused by the tire file (Filename.tbc). The slipcurve settings are causing these noises. I modified my *.tbc files for all the cars and the result is that I have a Rallycross mod now that handles like the original mod and the tire sounds are now correct.
JHSTORM on Jul-17-2014

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