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RSM Racing Mod Miniatures 0.40

By: Rock Solid Mates
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 11-Feb-15
Current release: 0.400, on 15-Feb-15

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Screenie by: Rock Solid Mates
Screenie by: Rock Solid Mates

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Rock Solid Mates are a group of gamers from all types of games including rFactor. We only started modding mid last year and this is our first product we are publicly releasing. The RSM Racing mod is going to be a multi category mod of various types or vehicles which will be available individually.

The RSM Racing Miniatures are approximately 3/4 the size of their equivalent real car and run a 1200cc motorcycle engine. These cars have been found to have similar characteristics to Aussie Racing Cars and Legend Cars despite not being the correct cars for the category.

Currently the models do not have correctly reshaped wheel wells to allow for the over-sized wheels, but we will be looking at that in the future.

Constructive feedback is welcome either here or on our forum.

Hope you enjoy.

I have added a download link for the templates for these cars, sorry for the delay on putting these up, we have been very busy working on our V8's mod.

New link added to update the .rfm file for the mod as we had to change it for the new V8 category. The next version of this will contain this .rfm.

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