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Onibus Mercedes MB O371 1

By: Fernando Alvarenga and Auto Sim Racing
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 25-Mar-14
Current release: 1, on 25-Mar-14

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Screenie by: Fernando Alvarenga
Screenie by: Fernando Alvarenga

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O primeiro ônibus rodoviário lançado para RFactor.
Espero que gostem.

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link machine broke
GayBowser13 on Jan-12-2021

We are located in the Bergisch Land, part of the West German low mountain range, one of the best terrain for national hillclimb races in motorsport.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

neron2 on Apr-18-2014

Finally a rfactor bus mod with a working dashboard! This is the best bus mod so far for rFactor, but physics still need some improvement:

Idle rpm: is way too low, no heavy duty diesel engine idles as low as 400ish rpm, instead they should idle at around 600-700 rpm.

ZF S6-90 manual transmission:
The gear ratios are way off. 1st gear is too long, the bus has difficulty starting from a stop (especially uphills) or performing slow speed manuevers (including sharp hairpins).
6th gear is too short, the engine is revving at near redline at 100 km/h.
The gap from 3rd-4th gear is too close.
From my research on the S6-90 gearbox, there are 4 variations on the gear ratio range (1st-6th): 9.01-1.00, 7.03-0.81, 6.98-1.00, or 6.37-0.74.
From one of the youtube videos showing both speedo and tach, in 5th gear at 75 km/h the tach should be at around 1,500 rpm. So the gear set should be (1st/2nd/3th/4th/5th/6th [reverse]) 6.98 / 4.06 / 2.74 / 1.89 / 1.31 / 1.00 [6.43].

Option - Passenger load weight:
Also I also like to see the ability to drive a fully loaded bus (as an upgrade item).
Assuming 46 passengers weighing 70 kg each, and each passanger have 20 kg of luggage, that will add 4,100 kg to the total weight which have significant performance impact.

There's also a major sound issue when the bus accelerates at low speeds, but especially at the 30-45 km/h range: it is making lots and lots of annoying loud tire screeching noise.

I can send you my suggested fixes if you want.
deedlit6 on Apr-16-2014

hahaha so true!
nRibas on Apr-06-2014

Still faster than Chilton!!
domemakethedifference on Mar-31-2014

Very very original
deskrria2 on Mar-26-2014

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