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NautiloRing 1

By: ElMauro
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Novel
Initial release: 08-Sep-09
Current release: 1, on 08-Sep-09

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Screenie by: Pierre_Nodoyuna
Screenie by: Pierre_Nodoyuna
Screenie by: LSf1
Screenie by: LSf1

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Just a fun track for retarded jackass ppl like me.
I've done this a year ago, with Bobstrackbuilder 0.4.2 DEMO.
My first track, my frist attemp, and with no clue about 3D programs and such things so dont expect nothing nice.
Even more this was done in less than 15 days before the bobstrackbuilder old beta demo expired and left me with this :D
Im a poor guy sorry, cant afford it.

So.. this will be empty of details, no trees, no cows, no planes in the sky, VERY HACKY and full of bugs. But playable and lolable.
Just sharing something I did for fun and thats what I got ;)
And the source is INCLUDED to mess around.
Best played with HRC historic mod and renault series.

tard tip: as bttf saga you must go exactly at 90mph to suceed the second jump!

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I commend you on your devotion to the community. The best things in life, aren't always the prettiest.

thank you for taking the time, and passing it along

hpiracer on Sep-09-2009

Hi all, wondering where my crappy baby went here is !
I dont really know how is the procedure to make public this track.
Im the original creator of this track, was posted by a friend account because
I was unable to access the site but wanted to share it because we got some fun
playing this last year and others could do the same maybe.. Im not looking for reputation, whatever or anything: JUST SHARE.

As txt says, its a year old track, first track and WIP was in less than a month with the demo btb so expect an unfinished (but playable) track.
And thats why I included the source aswell.

Also, first idea was to push the game physics to the limit or new levels doing this hacky track, but that idea stoped early when I tried to "make my car stick to the roof at high speed" (as some formula1 theory ).
I realized this engine doesnt support such thing, as after 90 deegrees the track turns into a wall/decoration where cars wheels cant traction (doesnt take in count the contact of the wheels with the track).
So changed a bit the desing to be less speedturner and just ready to play, buggy and hacky as hell but funny to brainless ppl as me

A couple of old SS's of tests while building

if you guys dont like it, its because you are a normal person hehe

PS !: I dont even know if "novel" is suitable to this abomination of mine but didnt realized where else could be. sorry
ElMauro on Sep-05-2009

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