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NSS 2010

By: William Bradshaw and Freedom Motorsports - Joe Barlow Jr. (Original) & John Alley (Secondary)
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 05-Feb-08
Current release: 2010.000, on 17-Feb-10

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Screenie by: Alleydog
Screenie by: Alleydog
Screenie by: Alleydog
Screenie by: Alleydog
Screenie by: Alleydog
Screenie by: Alleydog
Screenie by: Redwings20
Screenie by: Redwings20
Screenie by: Redwings20
Screenie by: Redwings20

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I am happy to announce the release of the NSS 2010 & FMS Tracks 2010! It has been developed for the community, by the community. We have used real data from real NASCAR crew chiefs to provide a realistic factor, while also realizing that just because you plug in real life numbers, do not give you real life results. Physics have been adjusted to provide realistic lap times, proper tire wear and heat, and multiple groove racing. We have followed in Joe Barlow’s footsteps and kept these stockcar mods the most PC friendly available. NSS has been tested by multiple leagues, and has been extremely league friendly. It is developed to use the FMS Tracks that have been updated by Joe Evans and John Alley. Please see the credits file for all those that have been involved over the years. Again, thanks to Joe Barlow for allowing me to take over this great mod & to for permitting Joe to convert this from the Papyrus N2003 title. As of Feb 2010, Will Bradshaw will take over as the head NSS mod contact.


Any league has my permission to host the mods or tracks and even combine the mod and tracks if desired. All I ask is that you don't include any changed files, other than sound files. If you want a custom rfm or to include your own tracks or vehicles, please list that as your own league custom edited update. We don't want guys showing at other leagues with the wrong files.

List of updates can be found at


NASCAR Sim Series (Joe B. Jr.)

John Alley "Alleydog"
Freedom Motorsports

Thanks to:

Joe Barlow (NSS) for allowing me to work on and update the mod over the last year. Answering a ton of questions and his great heart towards the community.


Ben Swarey, Joe Schmoe, Dave Jones & Mike Peters (OWR mod) for updating the graphics

Joe Evans for his support, time and participation in developing
tracks. Without his help, this would not of been possible.

JJohnston2004 and the whole crew over at for allowing me to convert
the new COT models over to the rFactor platform.

(Used With Permission)
Steve "Mercohaulic" Campbell
Andy Wilhite
Tony Core Jr.
Patrick Jones

PAINT SCHEME CREDITS - Updated templates & schemes for 2009 Cup & Truck Series

Rick Stetson
Dave Jones
Drew Brunson "Shmeel"
Elite Paint Designs
Base Stunod Racing
Base Rainbow Paint Designs
Base Adrenaline Grafx

Logos Masgrafx, Lloyd Wideman of TRG, RPD, MRD and Google Painting Team

Original 2008 Painting Team Consisted Of

Head Painter: Shawn “HiOctane” Pierce
Painter: Kevin “Bassbudmenards” Cargo
Painter: Timmy “JrFan8” Johnston
Painter: Todd “Deputy9058” Caldwell
Painter: Steve “SiC” Russell
Painter: Corey “CyKoTiK” Bradley
Painter: Kirk Marble
Painter: JToles
Painter: James Mast "Rickmastfan67"

Self installing executable. Point the NSS installation
to any desired rFactor directory.

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417/500 (3398 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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landau302 on Jun-16-2012

Y liked the mod. I played it a few months ago, but now i can't download it again... can you reupload in another file server, please?
ChrisHerlein on May-08-2012

This mod is really bad. I've been rFactorin' since 2006 and this was maybe the worst mod I've ever tested. 0 points.
harakimi on Jun-01-2011

nss 7.0 ???
breikf1 on May-25-2011

Hi, please anyone know of any good NASCAR style TV? I can not find anything ... Thanks so much for your help.
Raymy on May-21-2011

NSS 7.0 Mod Testing Soon
I think the suspension side of the mod is just about finished. I have a handful of things to complete and then we'll be ready to begin general physics and tire testing. I'm aiming for May 25th at the latest, hopefully sooner.

Testing will be a mix of online and offline. If you're interested in turning laps and giving feedback, then feel free to send me an email and let me know:
W_Bradshaw on Apr-27-2011

hola todos he venido usando este mod para nuestra liga colombiana jpnascarcup series durante los 2 ultimos años y estamos a la espera de un mod 2011....agradeceria las olviden que reciben de el apoyo de esta pequeña liga conformada por los fans de juan pablo montoya el 42 de sprint cup......un saludo a todos y si alguno le interesa participar visiten nuestro forum jpnascarcup y vean nuestra carreras por youtube thank you
breikf1 on Mar-12-2011

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