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Mod VFR F1 2014 2

By: Christophe
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 03-Apr-14
Current release: 2, on 03-Apr-14

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Screenie by: Christophe
Screenie by: Christophe

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Mod from the French Community

Please visit

--- List of major changes in version 2.0 : ---

1 / lap times are now (good) slower than in the first two grand-prix in order to approach the lap of reality.

2 / Fuel Economy :

The "boost" of origin factor is renamed " Fuel Saving " ( Fuel Saving in the game) - this is one of the main novelties of this year in F1.
This means that it works in the opposite direction of the boost ( + you go faster with 1 than 10, but you will eat +).

Settings in the Setup menu:
1/10 = Mode " qualifying / Hotlaps " (minimum value )
x/10 = Mode " RUN " ( all values ??)
10/10 = Mode " ECONOMY " Tour training , Safety cars ... (maximum value )

3 / Physics tires:

> Behavior WET tires completely redone .
> Fixed the behavior of the tires and Medium Hard: less volatile than before.

> Beach rough use :
- Slicks : between 0% and 10% rain.
- Inters : between 0% and 40% rain.
- Wets : between 30% and 100% of rain.

> The drying time of the trajectory has been revised downwards ( = it + long before the track is dry )

4 / Motor and other physical :

> There are more KERS , it is replaced by the ERS , which is managed directly by the car.
It is therefore more button to press , except to activate the DRS .

> Change maximum 135 liters tank (equivalent to 100 Kilo ) and not 100 L as in Version 1.0

> The DRS is less powerful .

> Overall, the cars have a little more grip , and it is possible to lower aillerons while remaining competitive .

> + Turbulence / vibration when you follow a car.

> Wear and engine warming is revised upwards . Attention to the radiator.

5 / Parc fermé :

> We have now closed the park applied during Q3. This means that the setup is blocked when you try lap in Q3.

> However, some settings are changed : Fuel, front wing , brake force distribution , brake pressure , " Save fuel" .
Note that ( among others ) the radiator scoops are keyed and it is not possible to change .
Note that tire wear and secure after Q3 you can just change the type of gum wear but remains locked as Q3

> Note: the parc fermé does NOT apply during the sessions of Q1 and Q2. Only when Q3.

/ Other changes:

- Added a safety car .
- Added mechanics during stops.
- Amendments sounds.
- Changes cameras.
- Best setup by default.
- Fixed bugs skin ( checkered ) when the graphics are of course low / medium .
- Fixed names of the drivers / cars / engines in the game menu
- Improved French translation and adding an English translation.
- New HUD .
- And many more ... !

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i have downloaded the mod , installed it and when i am going to race , it shows me some errors when the track is loading and then i cant see any car.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

My Hall of Fame lets you nominate up to 15 tracks, 10 cars, and 5 addons for the RFC HOF, as well as share your favorites with others. Check out My Hall of Fame.
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

Now only if ISI make the physics in the karts to drive like real
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

Link deleted!
RangerFrank on Aug-27-2016

thank you,but link not working,i have see an oter one work,it's not me,i just share it with yu,from youtube:
dvittael on Dec-30-2015

can someone please reupload this one?
Thanks in advance
Jannes on Apr-21-2015

Hi Guys, Im not sure if this has been mentioned before but first of all i wanted to thank you guys for an awesome mod. Top Quality. I had a proble last night when running the mod. 2 people in the race had pitted with 2 laps to go just for tyres. Fuel usage was off. When they pitted the count down timer showed over a billion seconds to wait eg. "-2194861394293 sec" 2 people were affected by this and unfortunately DNF'd. Is this a glitch in the Mod or Track ?? I suspect its the mod? They were in the Redbull and McLaren. Ive seen it before in practice but not in a race. Please help.
shanegilly on Apr-09-2015

Hey guys anyone else having problems while in an offline race when the cars pit, they have a pit time of of over -2 million seconds? It's strange, i've heard of cars getting stuck in pits before but not like this..
Jarzd on Apr-02-2015

Very nice mod,please make f1 2015
Michy99 on Mar-18-2015

I love the mod! Thank you very much!

One small problem I have however; some sounds seem to be missing, like skidding of the tyres and those kind of sounds.

I know the sounds are there in the files, but somehow they'ew not used ingame? Maybe I have to copy certain sound files to different folder?

Help would be very much appreciated!
JManders on Feb-08-2015

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