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Mod F1RS2011 GP2 F3 and TrackPack F1RS2011 RTP 2

By: Nucleorion and F3 VL Team Factor
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 04-May-11
Current release: 2, on 04-May-11

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Screenie by: ludwas
Screenie by: ludwas
Screenie by: ludwas
Screenie by: ludwas
Screenie by: ludwas
Screenie by: ludwas
Screenie by: ludwas
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Screenie by: Mombassa

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Mod available for the full 2011 for rFactor F1RS2011 a TrackPack developed and tested in conjunction.

Mod File v2.0

This file contains:
- All equipment, cars and drivers F12011 season.(Less McLaren model)
- All teams, drivers and cars in GP2, 2010.
- All teams, drivers and cars of Formula 3 2009.
- Academy Racing Series Formula cars Factor (Similar to Formula Renault) (Tribute to rFactor)
- Safety Car AMG Mercedes CLK AMG SLR.
- Tires Pirelli P ZERO with yellow or white logos.
- Parameters of Pilots for AI (Artificial Intelligence)
- Installer. Uninstaller. (Install and uninstall without problems, fully autonomous Mod)
- Readme descriptive and informative, with all parameters of the cars, temperatures, fuel consumption, etc.
- Shortcuts to read, and Uninstaller.

Changes compared to 1.0:
- Fix the order of the teams PIT Hispania and Virgin.
- Fixed error of not showing the numbers on the wheel of Force India, Team Lotus and Williams.
- Fixed erroneous charges alonso helmet.
- Reduced time to repair the suspensions at 60 sec max.
- Reduced motor heating is stopped.
- Adjusted the rev limiter, now shows when the gas enters and cuts.
- Adjusted life in relation to engine RPM.
- Increased overall engine life
- Reduced the random effect of 80% (from 80% of engine wear can break)
- Offset engine wear high peaks and extended boundaries.
- Renamed the two hardest compounds according to the real F1: Super Hard -> Hard | Hard -> Medium Look like this: Hard, Medium, Soft, Super Soft
- Fixed color code. Yellow for the soft and gray for the hard.

Also as in 2010 a complete and homogeneous TrackPack.

TrackPack File v1.0

This file contains:
- All circuits of the 2011 season including preseason, except India. (Includes Sakhir)
- Versions for MP (MultiPlayer) and SP (single player) to edit mistmatch smoothly.
- FILLING defined for the IA.
- Setups essential for AI in all circuits tested with the Mod F1RS2011. (You can copy your folders to use the same setups, are housed in the folder: UserData AI-RTP)
- Circuito de Jarama to the national championship in Formula 3 and Formula Factor F1RS2011 Mod.
- Loading splash screen and substantial information to address the races.
- Installer. Uninstaller.
- Setups installable for IA in different categories, F1, GP2 ... (With one click you change the setups of AI)
- Shortcuts installers setups for AI. (Only supports simultaneous category)
- Shortcuts to the readme, Uninstaller, and updates.
- Readme descriptive and informative.

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419/500 (1248 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Car Skins

There are currently no car skins available for Mod F1RS2011 GP2 F3 and TrackPack F1RS2011 RTP. If you are a painter you can share skins for this mod via the Car Skins area. Visit the Spray Booth for painting tips & tricks.

Latest Mod F1RS2011 GP2 F3 and TrackPack F1RS2011 RTP Comments

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Terrible mod, you say it's a 2011 mod yet it all cars are 2010 models and even the liveries for the HRT, Virgin and Lotus/Caterham are from 2010. Also the skin setup is terrible.
Allyc4t on Feb-16-2013

FSONE???? JAjajaja Only with is you most what don't have any idea, This mod in F1 only is based in OWC by ISI and all work of other modders groups are show in credits.

Less Kersd and DRS is say in the article of mod, for your information refueling in pitlane is prohibited in the real F1, Bridgestone is Out of F1, and more, and more.... This is 2011 mod not 2001 mate. Pirelli is based in OWC tires It will not be that FSONE is based on OWC. You really think this made ??from scratch.
Nucleorion on Jan-31-2012

Another day, another copycat failure F1 mod from a bunch of thieving fools. How much of this mod is original work, 3%? 4%? Practically everything is stolen from somewhere, and although it is packaged well, and is fooling the less hardcore among us, you can't put makeup on a pig, call it a horse, and then win the Preakness. You'd be foolish to try, and you guys were foolish to "make" this mod and then pretend it is both realistic and original. You fail.

In addition to being a "League Edition" mod (identical car performance from HRT and Red Bull) the physics are totally wrong. You copied FSONE for the base, obviously, but your updates to reflect 2010/2011 rule changes are totally wrong. TOTALLY WRONG. The cars have way too much mechanical grip, aero downforce, and overall stability. You do realize that refueling was possible in 2009 but banned in 2010/2011, right? Your physics changes do not reflect this either, they merely reflect the weight of the fuel itself, not the supporting mechanical and aero changes that were necessary to run the entire race with a single tank of fuel.

Within 20 minutes of starting play for the very first time I did a 1.33.7 at Malaysia with the HRT, with plenty of fuel, and without KERS or DRS! What a joke! You've utterly failed to recognize the different slip levels and performance windows for Pirelli vs Bridgestone tires (copying FSONE 2009's Bridgestone model will fool some people but it doesn't fool me) and the totally stable downforce balance between front and rear is simply comical. These cars could be driven to Lap Record times by a 6 year old with an XBOX 360 controller.

I could go on but what's the point? The earlier poster was correct that this kind of stolen mashup mod should be disallowed at RFC. You're only fooling yourselves and newbies who don't know any better, and stealing content drives away original mod teams from creating original, quality mods. This mod is bad and you should feel bad.
bigsilverhotdog on Jan-19-2012


With 4ghz cpu 2500k, 16gb memory, GTX 480, always crashes loading any map even with all settings on Low.

edit: I fix crash to desktop problem by changing Low Detail UI to 1 in player.PLR file. Game now loads with max graphics settings.
bigsilverhotdog on Jan-18-2012

Hey when I go out on the track... not all the time but most of the time, There is this weird rectangular white box on the rear of the car just below the rear wing, It even stays on when I turn my graphics all the way up. It's not with any other of the Car sets except for the 2011 Cars themselves. all 3 ISI all 3 GP2 the F3 and the Academy racers are all fine. This is just happening with the 2011 main mod
StopingPower23 on Jan-06-2012

this is the best f1 2011 mod
TomBrady12 on Dec-21-2011

Read the F1RS2011 Readme.txt file
Nucleorion on Oct-12-2011

Im having an issue when I go into the pits. I cant seem to get the car restarted. What am I doing wrong?
MikeShabo on Oct-07-2011

Ferrari's mirrors are bugged. They are the same right mirror, but the one on the left is a "mirrored" right mirror . Also, if i download the trackpack, season will start form melbourne, instead of barehin
federik21 on Sep-27-2011

We think, we will get this. we hope with rFactor2 for 2012 Mod
Nucleorion on Sep-21-2011

Post a Mod F1RS2011 GP2 F3 and TrackPack F1RS2011 RTP Comment