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MidField 2

By: crxdriver63
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Oct-14
Current release: 2, on 08-Apr-16

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Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63
Screenie by: crxdriver63

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UPDATE: Version 2.0 video:

UPDATE: Version 2.0. The track has been completely reworked and is now looking really good. Grandstand added also. Try it, your like it. You wont recognize v1.21 after you have used this.

I had a request to make MidField for rfactor from the Gran Turismo games and this is what i came up with. I have released this as a V1.0 as im not sure if i will improve it in the future and add different scenery. The track itself is very fun to drive. If you like the GT MidField raceway then you will love this track. Check out the video in a rx7. Sorry about the bad quality. It was taken on my phone.

If anybody want the Bobs Track Builder version of the track to do any mods to the track then feel free to send me a message.



After a few hours tweaking i have a better v1.1 release. Scenery updated, Pits updated, Road texture changed. AI fast-line tweaked. Cameras improved on.

Known bugs: AI brake sometimes when going under the track in the first tunnel. This cannot be cured in BTB sorry. They get confused because of the road above. Although AI still go round fairly fast.
Cameras where the track overlaps sometimes uses the wrong camera.

I will try and update this track more in the future but the v1.1 release is a pretty good 60s version of MidField ;) Hope you enjoy.


I have done a few more tweaks to the track and scenery. Mainly i have just been working on getting the AI better. Main update is AI under the first tunnel bug fixed.

UPDATE V1.2: (Final Release Sorry guys)

I'm pretty happy with the track now so this will be the last update. I think its feeling a lot more immersive now. I'm actually becoming a fan of the track.

Ive tweaked pretty much everything a little.
Main tweaks,
Road surface (doesnt feel so flat)
AI fastline
Pit stop places
Camera in first tunnel fixed
Camera positions changed
Textures changed
and more.


UPDATE 1.21: Ive received a couple comments/messages about a couple small issues. Start/finnish position slightly out, two small gaps in the terrain, Pit problems, flickering and a few other things that i have noticed. I have now fixed these issues as well as had a little tweak to the track itself.

Check out the video of midfield snow on youtube here:


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