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Lotus23B 1.00

By: Sabre and FV48
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 24-Apr-12
Current release: 1.000, on 24-Apr-12

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Screenie by: Sabre
Screenie by: Sabre

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The Lotus23 first saw UK tracks in 1962; the 23B and its Ford based twin cam following in '63. Jim Clark racked up many wins in this car, so much so that it was actually BANNED from LeMans as as not being "in the spirit of the race"! Today the Lotus23B can be seen at many Vintage racing festivals.

In this mod, in the Skins you will find a wide variety of paints from which to choose.

Be sure to click the Upgrades: the car is extremely customizable, with choices of shift lights (or none), driver arms, dashboards, mirror placements and wheels.

Model ~ Dave Sabre

Physics ~ Dave Sabre, Norm Borczon, Paul Nadeau

Painting ~ Norm Borczon

Upgrades ~ Peter Berry, Dave Sabre

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Hi guys
Excellent Lotus 23 mod. Thanks for sharing 192.168.l.l
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Bryant Park Hillclimb, Also known as Haunted hills (morwell hill climb new).
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Your post is very informative. Really great to see this kind of post. Thanks
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