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Loberia La virgen del camino 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 28-Sep-12
Current release: 1, on 10-Oct-12

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Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: CHAPLINnnn
Screenie by: rFc
Screenie by: rFc

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-Castellano- Aunque el Partido de Lobería Grande ya había sido creado, el pueblo propiamente dicho se origina en 1866 cuando se ordena la mensura de cuatro leguas cuadradas, junto con el trazado de manzanas, quintas y chacras. En 1887 se conformó una comisión para la construcción de edificios públicos y el remate de tierras, lo que derivó en la elección de la primera Comisión Municipal por votación popular 4 años más tarde. La fecha oficial de fundación del pueblo es el 31 de enero de 1891.
Contaba con 12.199 habitantes (INDEC, 2001), lo que representa un incremento del 11,7% frente a los 10.919 habitantes (INDEC, 1991). Este aumento de la población es llamativo teniendo en cuenta que la población del partido ha disminuido en términos absolutos entre los dos últimos censos.

-English- Although Lobería Large Party had already been created, the village itself originates in 1866 when he ordered the measurement of four square leagues, along with the layout of blocks, houses and farms. In 1887, a commission for the construction of public buildings and land auction, which resulted in the election of the first City Commission by popular vote four years later. The official date of foundation of the town is 31 January 1891.
It had 12,199 inhabitants (INDEC, 2001), representing an increase of 11.7% compared with 10,919 inhabitants (INDEC, 1991). This population increase is striking considering that the population of the party has fallen in absolute terms between the last two censuses.

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1st round of the CIK-FIA Karting Championship May 5th 2012
track was built using BTB, 3Dsimed, google sketchup pro 8, and google maps.
halloween costumes
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
little red riding hood costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Nov-07-2016

hello my name is wizard2275 excellent job men, i wanto convert yours track to the old f1 challenge but i need your permission, always i say that the credits are for you

wizard2275 on Oct-22-2012

Hello CHAPLINnnn

If one returns to the stands, the turn is not counted?

Thank you for to see the problem
samydavis on Oct-11-2012

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