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Lake Superior Raceway 1.30

By: Casey Shaw
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Nov-13
Current release: 1.300, on 14-Aug-14

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Screenie by: shawdad
Screenie by: shawdad
Screenie by: Casey Shaw
Screenie by: Casey Shaw
Screenie by: Casey Shaw
Screenie by: Casey Shaw
Screenie by: Casey Shaw
Screenie by: Casey Shaw
Screenie by: shawdad
Screenie by: shawdad
Screenie by: shawdad
Screenie by: shawdad

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

A fictional track set on the coast of Lake Superior, Michigan (upper peninsula)

This is my first attempt at track building so it is probably not the most efficient running track out there.

I have the AI working now, but I had to add a couple files and change a few other ones. So instead of making people change and overwrite files, I'm just going to re-release the fixed version as version 1.3. Sorry for the screw up!

I have provided a link for version 1.3

Changes for version 1.3:
Scoring and timing actually works now...

Changes for version 1.2:
Increased the track width 2 meters from 10.5 to 12.5 meters, with the exception of the bridge which is still 10.5.

Reconfigured the pit entry and last right-hand
turn and is now much easier to enter the pits.

Added 2 new short sections of track for more layout options.

Rebuilt all the curbs and rumble strips.
In version 1.1, the curbs were separate objects sitting on top of the track surface. When night racing, it created an annoying flashing effect when illuminated with headlights that I found very distracting and annoying. With version 1.2, I've built all the curbs out of the track surface mesh. The downside is that the track surface mesh, because of the way Bob's Track Builder Works, contains many more polygons and so may adversely affect performance on slower computers. The curbs are also now a different shape.

Added a small amount of banking (usually around 2-5 degrees) to a few corners that I thought needed it.

Added normal maps to the track surfaces and grass surface. They're not very good...but its a start.

Added more bumps and "personality" to the track surface.

many more changes to textures and other things I can't remember.

There are now 8 layouts
I have eliminated the foggy versions for now.

Tools used:

Bob's Track Builder

Thanks to everyone that helped me on the Race Department forums!

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Hey shawdad,

Looks very nice. The first of November, Race2Play has an event on it and from a previous event, there seemed to be a problem when stopping in the pits. All drivers get a 1 minute 30 sec penalty.

I have checked a few things, I don't yet know why that's happening but this is what I noticed:
In the AIW, the sector lengths are at zero:

And opening the AIW in rF_AIW_CAM_405 editor, on the start/Finish straight, it shows 3 different finish line
One at WP 0, one at WP 1 and one at WP 9.
I don't understand that.

Some WP have exponential value ???
Standard rFactor WP values have 4 decimals.

And last, the groove alpha's value should be between 0 and 1. Many also have exponential values:
That would be 0.0000003576279... that does eat CPU clock ticks when a zero would do. Same here, standard rFactor WP values have only 4 decimals.

Links to R2P upcoming event:

Previous event with drivers complaining about position penalty... time penalty:
MotherDawg on Oct-26-2016

The sense antiorairo I inferred from some photos I found on the internet.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Track in the shape of a circle created by Polish Flower Team. Fastest lap was made BMW Sauber 07 - 0:21:156.
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

I LOVE this track, one of the best fantasy tracks for RF1. Thank you for creating and sharing this Casey.

Any chance you can convert (with appropriate improvements if you can) to RF2? That would be mega
Uzair on Apr-03-2015

bluey007 on Sep-15-2014

Mega works now. Just have to wait a moment.
Piracae44 on Aug-28-2014

Hi, I ve downloaded 1.3 version, but some MAS files are missing, sky, objects..., only materials apperared, ┬┐any suggestion?


bomba77 on Aug-28-2014

mega works here
RR1CHO on Aug-27-2014

That Mega link does not work. Goes to Mega site, but something's wrong.
Piracae44 on Aug-26-2014

Sure wish I could try this track. You have to register and sign up at One Drive and Mega won't download it.
swingeasy on Aug-26-2014

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