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Kitzbuhel 2011 1

By: Madcowie
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Initial release: 19-Feb-11
Current release: 1, on 19-Feb-11

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Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola1
Screenie by: hemetola1
Screenie by: hemetola1
Screenie by: hemetola1

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Always been a massive fan of this downhill ski course and never really had enough information to recreate it. Well now I have and its made for my soapbox's.

Enjoy R-Factors most difficult track!!! I will be impressed by anyone who beats the 2 minute mark in a soapbox.

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Nice track thanks !!! I made a good time of 1.48.964 with a 2004 ChampCar, even with a crash at the finish. Really a crazy ride, because of slick tires and high power only to rear wheels !
tanguyblub42 on Jan-08-2015

I did a 1:49:000 (!) in an Subaru WRX STI Testcar.
This ride was fun ass hell, especially the last jump. I was so fast that I jumped right into the Redbull-Finish and destroyed my car! XD
Enderfailer on May-30-2014

i wanna race this track.... but with a ski mod.... would be great! how do you take those screenshots?
totter98 on Aug-15-2012

all links are dead please do filefront or mediafire
rebel77th on May-10-2012

Cant find the skier skin ???
Lighthorse on Jul-24-2011

At around the third-last turn all the oppoents go of the fence and go somewhere is this a glitch or does everyone have it?
tennis63 on Apr-11-2011

I'm having the same problems as cseturbo, but i own a Logitech G25. I already tried setting the Deadzone to 10% for the brake pedal, but it didn't work...
However, I manage to "start", if I set the tire pressure to 70kPa, put in a gear and turn the steering wheel to one direction as far as I can...strange physics..
can anybody help me?
Brainiac1507 on Mar-21-2011

Beautiful work, have not yet found skiers to drive down it - are there any avail?
Ex ski racer here, really want to enjoy rFactor physics guiding a skier down this and more courses!

flemingdl on Mar-20-2011

Soapbox racing at Kitzbuhel. My first video. Lead car ran a 1:53.2
NOxymoron on Feb-28-2011

1.47.9 with a Chevy '57 Bel air with slicks!!
Exiter on Feb-28-2011

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