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Kentucky Street Stocks 0.95

By: NSRS Freew67 and Phathry25
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 10-Dec-07
Current release: 0.950, on 10-Dec-07

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Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: Biscuit05
Screenie by: BigBubbaDirt
Screenie by: BigBubbaDirt
Screenie by: BigBubbaDirt
Screenie by: BigBubbaDirt

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This Demo is not based off any real series, but molded to a general street stock class. Originally our idea was to base it off a real series, but decided to go a dif route and create our own. We researched a few dif series, and many track only series and due to the wide variety of rules, it was easier to make our own. We are working on adding 2 or 3 more cars, which would cover about 95% of the cars that race around the country. We have also added a pure stock class, with its own skins. This is the first car I have made from start to finish so bare with me. I never claimed to be a car guy ? This is just a Demo, and not the finished product. Suggestions, comments, questions, please feel free to post.

Templates are inside the mod folder in RFactor

Big thanks to everyone who has helped so far. For the final release, we will attempt to create a list of everyone who has helped in 1 way or another...

Don’t forget to pick up your KYSS Gear at…

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arianapham on Mar-04-2019

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bennegadiyoucef on Feb-19-2019

You can download it at the website above. I will wait for the DWD team to update here with a direct download link when they are ready. ken
kslater on Aug-27-2012

Hi Ken, do you have download link for that latest version?
[RFC]-Fresh! on Aug-26-2012

DWD has just released their latest version of street stocks. It is available at ken
kslater on Aug-26-2012

Can somebody PLZ tell me if the new version is out or a newer version of the beta. if so can i have a link?????
123456789123456789 on Aug-26-2012

If someone could post a download link to the newest version of these cars, I would be honered to help test them and give feed back. I certainly love this mod, the version I tested was awesome, better to me then DWD Stocks, because they felt more reallistic, I have real life experence with these type cars and I can say they are very close to the real deal. I certainly hope this mod hasn't died. I'd love to see a 2nd and third generation Camaro, a big Monte Carlo, and possibly a Nova and a ford Thunderbird. Man I really hope someone is still working on this mod.
csdirtracing on Jul-04-2012

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Kentucky Street Stocks