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Kart Cross 3

By: Markciccio and Manuel Bollo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 20-Apr-12
Current release: 3, on 20-May-15

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Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio

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New 3.0 version update: better and more realistic physics and handling, better design of the cars.

Kart Cross are single seater autocross prototype, following FIA rules that race in European and national autocross championships. Born in France and than exported in all the european country. They can be used on tarmac and on gravel, where they usually run.
Very fast, ultralight (315 kg), very powerful, they use motorcycle 600 cc engines like the Suzuki Gsxr or Yamaha R6 engines.
This game version is very similar to the real ones. Just try and enjoy.

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