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Italian Autocross cars and tracks 1

By: markciccio and Bollo Manuel
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 09-Jun-12
Current release: 1, on 09-Jun-12

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Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio
Screenie by: markciccio

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This mod has been made by big autocross fans to simulate, for the first time ever, behave and looking of real italian autocross cars. It is a complete package of cars (and tracks). They compete in the italian autocross championship, following FIA rules.

In the package you can find three categories of buggy-prototype cars::
- Kart Cross (600 cc motorcycle single seater buggy, made from scratch)
- Buggy1600 (1600 cc single seater buggy made from scratch)
- Superbuggy (4000 cc single seater buggy, based on Szockse 1.00 buggy )

And there are two categories for rally-autocross cars:
- Super1600 (Fiat Uno, based on vsim project team mod)
- Touring (Ford Fiesta, Mitsubishi Evo, Peugeot 207, Subaru Impreza, Lancia
Delta, based on Rallyworld mod)

All cars physics and graphics as similar to the real ones, racing in the italian championships in recent years.

Because these are cars made for off road autocross tracks, we have added 10 real italian autocross tracks in this package, to offer a complete experience to the user.

These are:

- Agugliano
- Asal Campoverde (Aprilia)
- Badia Calavena
- Cassino
- Gonars
- Maggiora Pragiarolo
- Novellara
- Romano Canavese
- Torchiarolo
- Volta Mantovana

There are even two "fantasy" tracks:

- Ralllycross concept, future rallycross track in Adria,

- Maggiora Mottaccio del Balmone, based on the best motocross track ever, that was used in the 80's and 90's for World Motocross Championships, here converted for autocross cars. I hope motocross fans would enjoy. High spectacular jumps, slow turns, parabolic turns, so exciting to drive!

I hope you enjoy!

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The car wont appear in the vehicle selection menu.
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newstart027 on Nov-09-2016

The Ferrari F900 Concept Car is the fastest road car in the world.
newstart027 on Nov-09-2016

Slowest download rate of internet.. Please someone upload in MEDIAFIRE )))))))))))))) PLZZZZZZZZZZZ
Luckzzzy on Mar-06-2014

We will come with a new version of the autocrossitalia mod very soon, the 2.4. With more cars and more accurate physics and graphycs. Bye!
markciccio on Nov-18-2012

wy do the DL speeds with these links suck?....cant get over 65 KB/s
rebel77th on Sep-12-2012

Sound patch does not work. The filenames are correct, but the no sound problem persists.
c. colon on Aug-16-2012

Thanks, great work. Keep on modding!
Fourhands on Aug-05-2012

Markcicceo please help! i downloaded you're mod and when i start a race the game crashes! do this mod work with the v1.255 ?
please help this mod really cool and i wanna try it!
FoggyKing on Jul-30-2012

Markciccio, Thank You for the new links! They all worked, so I have everything now.
WildWolf on Jul-30-2012

Hello to you all, I have posted all the links to download all the file separately, to avoid some of the problems. In this new 1.2 version I have made a little change to the engines, maybe now they are better in low revs.
markciccio on Jul-29-2012

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