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Garage Data Sheets 1.00

By: TrailMix

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: GOZAOL
Screenie by: GOZAOL

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Garage Data Sheets by Mike 'TrailMix' Traylor of MDG perFormance. Just like those used in the real world motor racing. Keep track of your car setup details via easy to use, well presented data sheets. Thanks TrailMix!

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I'm also looking for that download (headbang)
JackKebek12 on May-29-2012

There's an echo here. Why isn't this removed if you can't get it?
Vernut on Oct-01-2010

Where can I download the Garage Data sheets?? There isn't a downloadlink.
EdwardHoekstra on Jan-14-2010

where is the download please?
R3N3SIS on Jan-03-2010

yea cmon wot s the point of this when there is no accessable download link. surley this is just a waste of webspace.
SirArthurRimshot on Dec-29-2009

I would like to get this too. Sounds like something that would be useful setting up a car. Anyone have it?
robmypro on Dec-23-2009

I was really looking forward to seeing this, but there's no link to download the Data Sheets. Please post a link....
R3N3SIS on Dec-20-2009

wheres the down load?
yorkiestu on Dec-15-2009

Is there someone who has this file downloaded in the past? Can I get a copy, so I can host it for other users?

PM me, please.

Kind regards,
Niels R.
_Niels_ on Oct-07-2009

Can we get a download link ?!!?

pmt666 on Aug-15-2009

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