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Fuji Speedway Katsuo 1.23

By: Katsuo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 09-Dec-07
Current release: 1.230, on 11-May-08

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Screenie by: GeraArg
Screenie by: GeraArg
Screenie by: mr37
Screenie by: mr37
Screenie by: roctech
Screenie by: roctech
Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: Attenberg82
Screenie by: Attenberg82

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

v1.1 -> v1.2
track scale increased by 5% for lap distance adjustment.

-fixed nightlight.
-fixed DX7/8 problem.

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The moderators of this site really need to remove the mods with broken download links.
Teslahaha on Nov-06-2016

Some of our drivers are receiving an error message when loading the track, something about "GARAGEWALLA" texture. It seems this is only an issue with Win7 users(although I'm not absolutely sure). Does anyone know a solution?
Also, I would be looking for the track update by 6e66o, could anyone upload it? All the links on the initial webpage are dead. Thanks!
dh_vetmed on Jun-30-2012

Any plans to do the mid 70's F1 circuit. This is essentially the 1970 NASCAR circuit without the banked loop at the end of the main straight.
Moritz on Jun-17-2011

New link for 2011 Wet Addon, Pirelli Textures.
doser on May-24-2011

You should get the improved Rain Spray texture though. If you don't see Rain Spray that's why, I didn't include it.
doser on May-23-2011

Here's a new link for Wet Addon
doser on May-23-2011

doser, the file has been removed from the server of Rapidshare and we can't download it. Could you upload again the addon please?
rallystas on Sep-09-2010

Hi Doser, are you sure that your wet addon works because evry one that I tryed does not work ?
williamscholes17 on Aug-10-2010

thanks , doser , but rapidshare it's a error , so please change uploads
cico76 on Jun-01-2010

One of the best tracks for rFactor... I made a Wet Addon -- -- Enjoy All
doser on May-31-2010

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