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FSONE 2006 1.70

By: CoDeX, Phil Sousa
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 18-Mar-07
Current release: 1.700, on 06-Nov-07

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Screenie by: kx2
Screenie by: Nico 13
Screenie by: Nico 13
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Screenie by: Pulga93
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Screenie by: kennowski
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Screenie by: bonilha

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

V1.7 is our Fan Favorite Update. I have changed v1.8 Status to WIP. (won't be updated till after 07.)


Re-Released v1.8 with fixes for the bouncy issue. ( car alot more stable now)

NOTE: We are no longer working on 06 till after 07 is released.

Please check our setup guide before playing at

This update was requested by many of our fans from the forum. Have had been a private version for a long while now.

What's new

- Engine 20500 RPM reinstated
- New Suspensions Physics
- Feels smoother (control of your car)
- Montoya and Villneueve Reinstated
- New Engine RPM changer (BOOST)
- New Engine Lifespan
- New Engine rpm usage
- Renamed tire compounds
- New Drag Values
- New Fastest laps with correct top speed (350 KPH on monza)
- New RFM files
- renamed mod to FSONE 2006
- Fixed Several rules in RFM
- Removed several rules necessary to allow safety car speed based on GDB file instead. Not RFM.
- Added new FSONE06 UI DATA FOLDER, in preparation for 07.

Also please do not forget to check us out on our forum.

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hey everyone..i just got this mod and cant seem to have the option to have movement on the arms like i can in fsone 2008/2009..

is ther a way to get it to work with 2006??

thanks alot!
krsjoker on Aug-21-2011

Does this mod have all skins of the season?!
thijsmeerveld on Nov-24-2010

hi. just to let you know. The mod doesnt have special physics and engine physics for the Toro Rosso. Ive made custom engine physics. if anyone wants it, please reply, or message me.
bentleyv8t on Sep-18-2009

How do you prevent test drivers taking part in the season?
SuperZebraKid on Jun-09-2009

Jaromir83 - its not a brake light - it only comes on with RPM limiter or rain.
Butcher on Mar-25-2009

I have v1.3 of this mod and find it near-perfect. only red rear brake lights do not work (light is on while using RPM limiter, not while using brake pedal). any way to fix it without having to upgrade? PM me solution pls, thnx.
Jaromir83 on Mar-20-2009

This mod have an damn bug, who always occurs in race. at 2 laps remaining the rear tyres, or brakes, have problems who leave me at the way. I tried to mark option tire wear to off, but not solve. what happens here?
T.Schumacher on Jan-26-2009

wet tyres link is dead.
the_last_name_left on Nov-14-2008

Where can I get Templates for this Mod?
Heinz-Harald on Nov-03-2008

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