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F1 RMT 2001 2.20

By: RMT and WCP Series
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 23-Aug-07
Current release: 2.200, on 12-Jan-16

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Screenie by: RMT
Screenie by: RMT

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The 2001 Formula One season was the 52nd season of FIA Formula One racing. It featured the FIA Formula One World Championship which commenced on 4 March 2001 and ended on 14 October after seventeen races. Michael Schumacher won the Drivers title with a record margin of 58 points, after achieving nine victories and five second places and Ferrari won the Constructors award. The season marked the reintroduction of traction control, with the FIA permitting its use starting at the Spanish Grand Prix. Traction control had been banned since 1994.

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