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F1 Legends Racing 1.00

By: BorekS and GFraser1965
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 11-Apr-14
Current release: 1.000, on 11-Apr-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS
Screenie by: BorekS

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A free downloadable add-on car pack, based on old Formula One era cars.

F1 Legends Racing (shortly F1LR) is originally a scratch made add-on for GT Legends, GTR2 and Race 07 / Race Injection by BorekS, converted and enhanced for rFactor by GFraser1965 & team

There is one base mesh (car body tubus and engine) with different parts (wheels, mirrors, windshields etc.).

To get more fun into the F1LR game play, there is seven different main car slots (car manufacturers) created, related to the 1967 F1 real racing cars, with DIFFERENT physics, based on real 60s F1 cars.

F1LR homepage:

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Project completely revised for the anti-clockwise, with the addition of new textures afalto of the pit lane with the new grass inserted, rearranged for reverse AIW with the start at 14:00 so the shadows should not cause delays to the GPU.
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newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

why don't you add some fictional cars as well
peterstrong on Jul-05-2016

Simply Amazing Mod!
Works 100%
Thank You!
alienaudio on May-01-2016

C'mon guys, why don't you add some fictional cars as well, just for pleasure...
TopSpeeder on May-20-2014

F1LR2 mod development shots:
BorekS on Apr-30-2014

Originally posted by: Charmin
does someone know which track is it on the 4 picture??

hi Charmin,
all images taken by me are rFactor default game track shots, I dont remember now exactly, look for Toban, Mills Park or such similar road courses...
BorekS on Apr-28-2014

I voted it down just sayin I have to agree with the prior shit mod review thank you that is all.
stever451 on Apr-27-2014

does someone know which track is it on the 4 picture??
Charmin on Apr-22-2014

Originally posted by: morerace

What kind of morons voted down this great mod? Retards probably were thinking about historically accurate models. Well guess what, dimwits, the mod is great no matter how low the rating is. Thanks crew for making this mod

Let me second morerace's comment ~ this is a fantastic mod, well executed and most important a blast to drive!! Thanx for sharing ~ I give it a Hall of Fame vote!!
Smokey on Apr-20-2014

@morerace: thanks... its actually same thing like the ISI generic F1/F2/F3 cars of the specifications found in historic Grand Prix era
so any crying or to be angry of the F1LR imaginary car names or driver names means such people did not understand at all whats going up there


BorekS on Apr-17-2014

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