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F1 2007 MMG 3.02

By: MMG and MAKCorp
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 01-Mar-08
Current release: 3.020, on 17-Dec-08

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F1 2007 Public & Server Editions v3.0.2

The MAK-Corp F1 2007 Mod for rFactor brings players the entire grid of the 2007 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Featuring all eleven teams and twenty-two drivers, the F1 2007 Mod will allow you to pit your simulation racing skills against the very best drivers in the world racing scene. The mod features optimized vehicles for each team providing unique physics and engine performances to simulate the real life performances these cars have. Take to the wheel of a 2007 Formula One car and see if you have what it takes to mix it with the big boys.


All the Teams and Drivers of the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship
Individual Car Physics for each Team
Individual Car Engine Performances
Offline Championship mode made possible with MAK-Corp Trackpack

Both PE (Public Edition) and SE (Server Edition) available in one install

Self Executable Installer making installation and uninstalling a breeze.

v3.0.2 Changelog

Fixed Toro Rosso Server Edition Cam problem
Fixed Toro Rosso File Structure
Added Separate CAM file for SE .veh files in Toro Rosso folder
Added NEW Realistic TCAMs for all teams
Credit for the fix goes to newly appointed MAK-Corp CAMs Editor Oliver Kwoka and to Ashley Webster for the idea on the fix method.

v3.0.1 Changelog

Fixed Ferrari suspension issue.

v3.0.0 Changelog

Updated Aero, Suspension and Engine values for more unique car handling in Public Edition.
Fixed GMT Loading and Material Loading errors in v2.1 caused by inaccurate PE and SE file structuring.
Created new PE and SE file structure.
Updated Loading screens and Mod screens.
Updated F12007PE rFm to make trackpack compatible with championship mode with Public Edition.
Updated track scene names in various track .scn files as well as in the rFm Sceneorder so they work right in championship mode.
Fixed MMG UIData to load right UIData and loading files.


rFactor video game. (Can be purchased at


11 Teams & 22 Drivers from the 2007 FIA Formula One World Championship.
Unique physics for each individual team.
Unique engine sounds for each engine supplier.
Extensive Upgrades.
Public & Server Editions in one install.


Set AI Strength to 100 percent
Damage to 50 percent (Default)
We recommend changing your two settings in your PLR for better AI experience.
(this is not required).

AI Limiter="0.10000"
AI Mistakes="0.20000"
AI to AI Collision Rate="40"

Copyright Notice:

The 3D Vehicle Models, 3D Helmet Models, 3D Driver Body Models, all 2D Textures, Sound Files, Physics and other elements of this mod created by MAK-Corp are proprietary property of MAK-Corp. All rights are reserved. No content from this mod must be used without express prior written permission. All other elements in this mod that are used for the mod to run such as the rFactor game title remain intellectual property of their respective owners.

Terms of Use:

All those who wish to use this mod for Racing League, Lan Event or Corporate Events must be a MAK-Corp approved league or license owner. This can be acquired via our event sign up page located HERE.

Mod Credits:

Petros Mak - Executive Producer
Phil Sousa - Producer, v1.0-2.0 Physics Programmer
Derek Nye - v3.0+ Physics Programmer
Raymond Schram - Lead 3D Vehicle Artist (Ferrari, Renault, Honda, Spyker, Super Aguri)
Erik Schakel - 3D Vehicle Artist (Mclaren, BMW Sauber, Red Bull, Scuderia Toro Rosso)
Koen Calleyl - 3D Vehicle Artist (Ferrari Updates)
Kevin Wong - 3D Vehicle Artist (Toyota)
Mitsuro Sano - 3D Vehicle Artist (Williams)
Juandi Sanchez - Lead 2D Artist (Mclaren, BMW Sauber, Renault, Honda, Super Aguri)
Nils Bulthaupt - 2D Artist (Scuderia Toro Rosso, Spyker, Ferrari)
Paolo Capriosa - 2D Artist
DJTiesto - 2D Artist (Driver Helmets)
Luca Oslakovich - 2D Artist (Driver Helmets)
Lukasz Kacprzykowski - 2D Artist
Alexander Kholodkevich - 2D Artist
Lee71 - 2D Artist (Tyre Textures)
Luca De Leo - Lead Sounds Composer
SandroxF1 - In-Game Specialist

Beta Testers: We would like to thank all the beta testers who were involved in making this mod possible. As the defined list has been lost over the years, we would like to thank all those involved and you will know who you are.


F1, Formula 1, the Formula 1 team names and liveries are all property of their respective owners. MAK-Corp does not have any affiliation with the FIA or the FOM and this mod is created for free as a free add on to be enjoyed by those who love the sport. Please respect the rules and regulations governed by the FIA and FOM and do not use any of their trademarks for commercial purposes without express prior consent from them.

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Your sharing of this content is very interesting. I like it very much. Hopefully I will be able to read more post from you.
hidebullet890 on Jan-30-2019

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Coleman136 on Oct-31-2017

3d arms don't work on all cars, like the red bull. Can someone fix this?
Rage9one on Jul-01-2013

Just joined and not really sure what I can download or not.

I have Rfactor Special Edition 2008. Can I download these mod for free or do I have to pay or have a Pro account?

Please help?
HIBB001 on May-31-2012

If people want support for this mod then please visit the official MAK-Corp website/forums located at

v3.0.2 is out of this mod and v3.0.3 will be out soon so be sure to check MAK-Corp's website for all support and info.
yanden on May-26-2012

is this for normal f1 2007 challenge or not? write on
markoinc on May-17-2012

lol aint got this mod but in the fsone08 rfm file theres


I guess this mod has the same? Then just increase those figures for less sc appearances no?
F1Alive on Nov-24-2011

For the love of god can someone PLEASE tell me how to disable the goddamned safety car?! I'm sick and tired of having my races ruined because the idiotic car turns up somewhere on the greens or in a river or some such nonsense instead of on the track.
BRK on Nov-04-2011

V3 is out
dibbdroid on Jun-20-2011

Any chance to see all the liveries and shape updates for the teams in v3? Or it will remain like early and end season? I think it would be great to have the car exactly as it was raced for each track in terms of look (livery), shape (chassis upgrade) and even a car setting for the track. Maybe I dream too much but I think that would make it as close as possible to an enjoyable professional simulator experience. The release of v3 is expected to be this summer or there is still work to do and even more patience is in order? Thanks for a great 2007 F1 simulator!!!
ccjager on Jun-18-2011

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