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F1 2005 CTDP 1.20

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 07-Aug-06
Current release: 1.200, on 09-Oct-06

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Something missing in your rFactor? Something fast? Something loud? Now you can get the complete CTDP 2005 season with all cars: polished, cleaned and prepared for you to race. And that won't be a small one, but you get physics, which will put your ability to succeed to its limits.

CTDP 2005 features:
- 2005 Models and textures
- All models high details and textures high resolution
- All special liveries through the season

- 2005 helmets and driver

- 2005 Physics and Performance

- 2005 Rules (ie no tyre change)

- Non-linear tyregrip and tyre damages through debris

- 3 kinds of tyres for each of 2 manifacturer

- New tyres and rims with motion blur

- New Sounds by Fonsecker

- 10 Engine programms

- realistic wear of motor and brake

- Updated Menu with Music by Michael Renk

- Updated Head Up Display

- Full DX7, DX8 and DX9- Support

- Supports rFactor-Skinning-Feature


What's new in 1.1, and 1.2? Refer to the Changes Log

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441/500 (25144 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Davina476 on Oct-28-2017

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John53 on Oct-06-2017

The set opens and then closes at the same time, I tried to solve and it did not work, if someone let me know.
32022060 on Feb-10-2015
yayo02 on Aug-08-2013

How do I unlock the cars? It says I need more experience points.
hirdayesh5987 on Apr-25-2012

What a great mod!
Firstly compared to the 2006 version or any other mod, it small in size! It only has the things you need, and that includes a good-fps skinpack. Really good!
The V10 engines sound great as they did in real life, and so do the cars themselves. and the handling is very alive, erything to edit in the setup so you can change the car however you like. #1 Modern F1 mod in rfactor from the final great era of formula one.
Launger on Jan-03-2012

Hi, guys.
I have some Doubts Regarding the mod of the 2005 F1 season.
The main one is how to use the Williams F1 7th gear? Well, the car has only 6
Another question, that link the sounds that are posted on previous pages, tell that are just outside the Ferrari, or you also have external sounds and onboards other teams?! Does anyone have another link it, because that no longer exists.

jerbsbr_rfactor on Dec-17-2011

How do I use a car?? They are all locked and tell me I need experience can I get these when every car is locked?!
ben789 on Aug-27-2011

how can i unlock a race season.
I have won a race but i can drive a season?
How can i unlock?
ThijsGP on Apr-02-2011

To increase FPS need use all core of CPU:

Install "CPU-Control" (It's free application).
Select your process... For example game.exe - right mouse click - select how many cores to use.

More info and manual:
250ml on Jan-28-2011

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F1 2005 CTDP