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F1 1988 carrera.4 1.01

By: carrera.4
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 18-Jan-08
Current release: 1.010, on 12-Apr-08

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Screenie by: xpid
Screenie by: xpid
Screenie by: g245_h
Screenie by: g245_h
Screenie by: CodeRed
Screenie by: CodeRed
Screenie by: max86
Screenie by: max86
Screenie by: g245_h
Screenie by: g245_h

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Hi all

- all 31 cars (18 Teams) are included, so you need to set opponents:30 to have a full grid.

Big Thanks to Montesky that have done the complete soundpack.

check for the tracks here at rfc (total 14 tracks are done)

The work continues on the tracks and my target is to have in the future all tracks for this season

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Model of the F1 was really old from the 1988 that was the very first six speed professional using car has been assembled. Included to complete sound back of the website will be also have the old of the racing system.
Michaelix on Dec-03-2018

Upgrades Pleaaasseee!!
patrick2610 on Apr-02-2016

i cant play the F1 1988 and the mod it doesnt in the rfactor but im already copy it the game data to the rfactor folder but i cant play it

i want to play this mod please help me

sorry for my bad english im from indonesia
agungsuyetno5 on Sep-11-2014

is this really work
agungsuyetno5 on Sep-11-2014

Cool mod, F1 2014 I can't wait Turbo, ERS this is going to be an exciting season!
RadioDoeven on Mar-11-2014

Csicska az egész rendszer nem lehet letölteni semit se!!
Sanyi011 on Dec-27-2013

Fantastic Mod. Thanks.
TheCrazyRacer on Aug-14-2013

Pleae let me know when the Suzuka 1988 Circuit is out, as I will have to create an installer with the whole mod and its fixes for easy installing.

xpid on Aug-04-2013

Hello Guys,

I have modified the Volume of all Audio Files, with the help of Adobe Audition.

You can Download the Sound Folder here:

Regards Phil
pizza200 on Aug-03-2013

This mod makes me happy
ady1 on Jun-25-2013

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F1 1988 carrera.4