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F1 1988 Turbo Boost Button and Effects 1.00

By: Mansell89FerrariV12

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Mansell89FerrariV12
Screenie by: Mansell89FerrariV12

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F1 1988 Turbo Boost Button and Effects

This Addon is to add the Turbo boost button and effects to the Famous 1988 Season.

///////////// Installation //////////////

Unzip the rar file

Inside you will found xxx_engine.ini for all cars, copy all of them to your 1988 Mod.

In the game, add a button for each of that

Increment Boost
Decrement Boost

Temporary Boost (The button you will assign to this one, will be the turbo boost button (push to pass)

Original Mod Author : Carrera4

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