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Eurospeedway Lausitz Langstrecke 0.20

By: Endurance Rfactor Team and Com8
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: snoups58
Screenie by: snoups58

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Avec l'accord de Com8 pour utilisé son travail, nous moddélisons la version longue du cricuit Eurospeedway Lausitz au vue d'organiser des course d'endurance de 24h

Nous recherchons pour finalisé le projet des moddeur 3D si vous ètes interessé contacter nous sur le site sur le forum section "projet lausitz"

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Latest Eurospeedway Lausitz Langstrecke Comments

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veerryy nice track!!!!

When is this ready to download??
klobrillendancer on Jun-02-2010

What is with the Track??? Download???
Dynamoz on Oct-24-2009

Any updates on this??????? the tracks looks like and AWESOME idea
Little E Fan92 on Aug-26-2009

I've seen that this course has this extra configuration that uses this high-speed stage. Eurospeedway Lausitz has a great road course that I've usually seen DTM race on. So to introduce this layout to the rFactor world would offer a new and possibly intriguing racing experience.
Gold_Moon on Feb-07-2009

thank you for your support, indeed we may need your help!
connect to the forum:
snoups58 on Sep-27-2008

I used to work for the track up to 2003. I still know some people there, so if you need any official support from the EuroSpeedway let me know and I will try my best. Please keep on your work on the Langstrecke it is a very challenging circuit.
DaniDan on Sep-27-2008

For the moment we are working on the Langstrecke, and tri-oval, sprint, GP are already available on the work of Com8

So for the moment no version other than that, but a possibility for later
snoups58 on Sep-23-2008

You will add most or all the possible layouts like tri-oval, sprint, GP Dekra test track?
questnl on Sep-23-2008

Thx for your interess
But we have much beta tester !
( sorry for my bad english )
snoups58 on Sep-23-2008

YEAH !!!
I LOOOOOVE this track !
Hope you have luck with it !
When you need a beta tester, I will make it...

good luck with this
hackmann on Sep-23-2008

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